Friday, August 21, 2009

for the curious . ..

For those out there wondering, Ava still has her paci.

I've been weighing through everyone's comments - it's been fun to hear all of your thoughts!

I talked to Ava's pediatrician.

He was SUPER relaxed about it.

He didn't think it was a problem for her to still have it and actually said he'd just kind of let her lead the way with it.

My big decision is either NOW - or wait a few months.

Since potty training is my big priority and we have some busy months upcoming, my plans are to potty train after Labor Day.

I don't want to wait longer for that.

So basically? I change my mind 10 times a day.

Sometimes I think I've made it WAY too huge in my mind and just need to bite the bullet and do it.

I know there is truth to that.

Then I put my girls to bed for a nice quiet and peaceful afternoon and change my mind.

Ryan is ready to throw me out the window with my constantly changing mind. : )

The incredible man he is, he said it was up to me.

Those of you who know my incredible gift at decisiveness (that was sarcasm by the way) are chuckling to yourselves.

So that's where we are at.

no where. : )

I want complete honesty.

if you were in my shoes, what would you do.

Take the paci monday or let it go.

I'm super curious.


Melodee said...

Let it go - as in, she still needs her paci, her doctor says it's okay to wait, and YOU still need her to have her paci as a quiet afternoon is God's gift to moms (especially the ones with twins)!

Melodee :)

P.S. Of course, remember that I am a procrastinator by nature (I like to say I'm laid-back!) and, if it's going to cause extra stress, it can wait until tomorrow (or next year)!

Mouseymom said...

so I am curious, what motivates you to want to get rid of the paci? I understand toilet training (less expense, not as gross, etc) I can't think of any reason to not wait till Ava is more ready so I of course would go with waiting till both you and her are more ready:)But you are mom so you have the best sense of what is best for your child..

Amber said...

Good question Tricia- I guess more than anything, just the "she's getting older" and it has to go sometime.

So no profound reason.

I guess saying that I kind of have to laugh at the big deal I'm making of this. : )

Ryan has been a little more wanting it to go as he thinks she's old enough she doesn't need it.

I've also, when talking about it, have always said we'd take it when she was two. It seemed like a good age to not go past.

But no big reason behind it.

atcunning said...

I just about used copy & paste with Melodee's comments. :) Ava only gets her paci in bed, it's fine with her doctor to wait and YOU get a quiet break in your busy day with your 3 little girls (that are 2 and under!!!). See it as a gift to yourself ~ an opportunity to regroup and then to enjoy evenings with your family.

I'm not a decisive person for my own decisions. But here I have the answer for you. haha

I know you'll do great!!!

Amber said...

so I think you 3 already have me convinced.

I think I'm going to stop rethinking it all . . .and just enjoy my afternoons. : )

Thanks for letting me think out loud everyone! Although if Ava is 5 and still has a paci - I'm coming after all of you! : )

Jamie Bahr said...

I'm proud of you for making a decision on this (that would be the one to let Ava keep it for now:-) I went back and forth and that one and potty training for a long time and then just took the plunge as I felt motivated!
I did think that with you going into potty training it might be nice for her to still have that source of comfort and familiarity amidst that change! I wish you the best with the potty training and feel free to email/call me if you have any questions about that method, or if you just need moral support:) BTW, it was an exhausting first two days and I think it's great that you have someone taking the twins...great thinking...I wish I had been so wise! So I'm rambling and could keep going, but I'll quit now and I'll be thinking of you in a few weeks!!

Luke said...

Ok, so I feel slightly weird posting here, but I thought I'd share this post. Regardless of when you decide to wean her off her paci, I thought it sounded like a good idea. :-)

Amy Cherise said...

Be your laidback self, that you were as a little girl yourself...and don't fight this battle!! remember - when ava is 5, getting on the bus for K, she WON'T be asking for her paci!!

i find i get myself in 'trouble' when i put deadlines on something - and then when that deadline comes i am wondering why i am putting myself under so much pressure to meet it - when it normally is something i have put myself up to and don't need to...i think this is my jounrey of motherhood and looking back - i wish i would have embraced their ages more and not have jumped to the next stage so quickly - bc each stage will come on its own time and it makes life so much easier!!

years ago, ken and i were emotionalloy on this race to have our kids grow up...

sophie and i just spent a weekend away for her 10 year old bday...and toilet traininng, paci's, or naps never came up - enjoy it ALL!!

i love you!!! xoxo


Amber said...


Don't feel weird (just think what a seasoned pro you'll be as a dad someday! : ) )!

And it is a great idea - Alisa did something very similar for Brynne and I've always thought it was brilliant. I've toyed with that idea before as well. . .although not to those extremes. I thought it was super cute though.

I just may steal the idea when I finally do take the plunge - thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are a great mom, Amber. Your thoughtfulness and wanting to do the right thing is a blessing for all 3 of your girls!

Just wanted to chime in and let you know I agree with waiting. We waiting too long with Logan and so I took Kaleigh's too soon. We all learn as we go.

My sister did a great thing by "giving" it to Chuck E. Cheese at their birthday party there. So, when they asked for it - there was a good memory to remind them of the fun they had "giving" it someone really special.

Lots of love always - Crystal