Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last day of Kindergarten

Before we blinked, the last day of school arrived.  Could hardly believe a whole school year had passed.  Ava has grown up so much this past year.  We've been so proud of how hard she worked, the choices she made and how far she has come.  I have loved being able to see the kind friend she is at school, how she is constantly looking for ways to help others and been a leader in helping right choices be made. I hope she continues to be a friend to everyone in her class and a light for Jesus in her school years to come.

Ava's teacher has been a whole other huge blessing of this past year.  Ms. Hart has cheered her on, equipped her and been such a solid beginning point to Ava's school years.  We're so thankful for the solid footing she gave our little girl.

Thanks for a great year Ms. Hart!

Ava and Makayla

Morgan, Ava and Melody

Olivia is already ready to go! : )

Ava and Charlie

We had to find Cole for an end year picture

A whole other year before these three can go.  Brace yourselves world :  )

Then we headed out to meet daddy for lunch at Ava's choice: Taco Bell

Daddy and his (gulp) first grader


mom Bahr said...

what a joy to watch Ava growing up - she is amazing! God blessed her year with a special teacher - what a difference that can make!
Olivia sure loves her hooded jackets!! :)