Monday, July 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day rolled around this year.  I will admit to it holding a lot of conflicting emotions for me this year.  I am beyond blessed, thankful and in awe of the three blessings God has given me.  
Living life on the edge of imminent change of a coming child, has given me the gift of embracing this stage with them and soaking in this time before we hit a new normal.  

And yet, my heart kind of lived in my throat for much of the day.  Because it also deeply hurt for a child we are still waiting for and hold in our hearts, even though we have never met him/her.

I was so blessed by several friends who reminded that my heart held 4 children that day and loved me with their remembrances.  It meant a lot to have them acknowledge it.  

Although at the same time, I can think of other conversations where my emotions were too raw that when others who sweetly inquired, they didn't receive long responses about our adoption.  My heart couldn't handle talking long about waits, timelines and/or processes.  So thanks for everyone's grace, love and prayers that day.

And really, when I get to start my day with these three beautiful ladies, I have nothing to do but give thanks for how God has given me abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine.   They bring so much joy into our home.

We all need a little fun and crazy in our lives.

And my day was about perfect when Ava handed me this note during church:

"You are the best mom I ever had.  Happy Mother's Day. Love Ava.  To Mom.

And I love that she has me saying "Thank you." ; )

Before we headed to be with family for dinner, we set out to plant the flowers the girls had picked out for me for their Mother's Day gift.

Planting snapdragons

Then we had to plant a few flowers at their play house : )

We headed to Uncle David and Aunt Tara's house where a surprise was waiting for them.  We were so excited for the girls to finally learn they had a little cousin on the way! We are SOOO excited to have a little niece or nephew to snuggle and spoil. 

the kid's table

We also celebrated my birthday that day

My willing helpers when anything cake is concerned!

The crew celebrating - thankful for family!

Love this picture of mom and dad 

David received a special gift for passing his actuary tests

Ava thought she would try it out : )

All in all, it was a great Mother's day.  But I will admit to praying boldly that next year we celebrate Mother's Day with an extra little one to snuggle and love.