Monday, July 29, 2013

June Candids Part One

Hooray for the summer's first pool day!!

Nothing beats snuggles in the morning

Yay for our garden starting to grow!

Well, doesn't that look like a comfortable way to sleep . . . 

Just a late night hanging out with Dad and watching tv . ..

Ava came in our room one night before VBS and had done her own hair including giving herself a real braid . . .and had never been shown how.  She was super proud of herself - pretty cute!

We declared one night a "sleep where ever you want."

Ava chose the crib . . .

and out of any bed in the house, Kate and Olivia chose the floor in our room?!

I think Ava slept better that night . . .especially since Daddy made her a tent. : )

Remember that dentist post?  Well Olivia went in and got her cavity filled. When we got in there, the dentist looked at me and said he wanted to try filling it without numbing her.  He thought it was shallow enough he could do it without bothering her and would spare her the ordeal of being numbed.  I gulped hard, said a prayer and agreed. She was SUCH a trooper.  It didn't bother her the slightest until just a bit at the end and he was done before it could become an issue.  Kind of a total oxymoron to take a child out for ice cream after a filling but despite several different prizes offered, ice cream was all the girl wanted and after she was such a trooper, mommy wasn't going to say no!

Hooray for ice cream!