Wednesday, July 10, 2013

April Candids Part Three

We had the fun of having Charis join us most tuesdays throughout this last school year. These three are way too much fun together.  For the most part we usually laid low and played at home.  On this day we headed out for a quick grocery fun - the glances are kind of funny as people try to figure out the three girls all obviously close in age and yet . . . . : )

Fridays are usually spent babysitting for sweet friends of ours and their little boy and baby girl.  Ava had a rare friday off school which meant happy little "babysitter" and happy baby with a personal playmate.

Happily headed to the park

Rough life to have a line of people to push you. . .

A book that has been such an encouragement to me these past 6 months of waiting.

After picking some flowers for me one day, this is the note Ava left for Ryan:

When you can't sleep but mom and dad want to start heading to bed, it obviously makes sense to just have a midnight snack in bed?!  Oh my Kate . . .

And when mom drags you around town on errands, a stop at Petco to see the mice is in order.  It is only fair.