Tuesday, July 16, 2013

May Candids

A fun stop for some yummy cupcakes

Mom headed out for an evening .. .Dad and kiddos head to the park

We had a garage sale . which Ava set out her snail and made her own sign "Come see my snail!"

My heart melted when I read this one day picking up in Ava's room.

"God I feel sad because I miss my grandma"

We made the leap one night late and decided to remove Kate and Oliva's bed rails from their beds.  They were quite excited!

Proud of their railless beds

Daddy thought just for fun they better practice how to fall out of bed.

So far? Olivia: 0  Kate: too many to count.  Getting better though!

Ava wanted some pictures too

Ava and Daddy

Mommy and Ava

Came up to bed one night to find Daddy reading and someone else in my spot.

Ava's snail didn't last a week.  We traded it in for a beta fish named Abby.  Thankfully, Ava was thrilled with the end result.

The girls and their fish.

My favorite place to take my bible and read is our front porch on a beautiful day.  One afternoon, Kate and Olivia asked me if they could go out and read their Bibles too.  How can you say anything but yes to that?!