Monday, July 15, 2013


The first weekend in May, Ryan and I were able to head to Nashville for Summit.  Summit is a 2 day event that "inspires, equips and connects for adoption, foster care and global orphan ministry."  I can't begin to say enough about the two days.  It was great to go with Ryan and be able to learn, worship and grow together.

We went with the Lifesong for Orphans crew.  I have loved being able to volunteer there a little under two years now and thankful for the outlet it has been along this adoption journey of ours, not to mention getting to work alongside a great group of people. 

Excited to start the two days!

Soaking in the wise words of Dr. Karen Purvis regarding attachment, connection, and adoption.  We've heard her speak at three separate events, some on the same topics, and I learn and am challenged more at every session of hers.

I had to stop by the ZOE International booth - a dear friend of mine is hoping to be moving to Thailand to serve with them once her adoption is complete.

Ryan and I were able to attend several awesome sessions.  A session on tantrums  (speaking to children whose brains go to "fight, flight or freeze" quickly) : ), a fabulous double session on becoming a multi racial family, getting to hear from the Project Hopeful staff, a great panel on special needs adoptions and then attending a session that spoke to the church and its role in both adoption and abortion.  That last session spoke to Ryan and I so deeply - seeing where the church can step up and needs that are so deep and the bigger picture of it all.  I will say that session impacted us more than I can probably explain and in ways I hope God will use for His glory.

We saw and heard from some great speakers (can I saw I was hugely surprised by and enjoyed so much, Michelle Bachmann) and heard some incredible testimonies.  The last night's main session was opened in worship by Nicole C Mullen. I listened to her in college and it was so fun to see her after all these years.  Hasn't changed a bit.

But possibly my favorite was the evening it all was over.  We were exhausted and in so many ways wanted to just head back to the hotel to crash.  But we were heading back first thing the next morning to our girls (on my birthday : ) ) and we decided to head out for an early birthday dessert date and to be able to talk through all we'd heard, felt and processed.  Being able to share how God has spoken to each of us and dream as a couple and a family of what He would have us do was such a gift.  I was so thankful to go, but more than anything, it made me so thankful for the man I am living this life with and his heart for our God and the orphan.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend my last night in my twenties. : )