Wednesday, July 10, 2013

April Candids

Getting to head to the airport to pick up Grandma Great and Papa Mel back from Florida!

Ava worked super hard to earn and save up money for some clip on earrings.  Momma smiled and said, "HOW PRETTY!" when she picked the dangliest ones. : )

This year mailing out DVD/CD orders from the Created for Care retreats turned into quite the job.
Good thing I have such great helpers.

A date night led to a delicious discovery and a new favorite: the best banana cream pie I have ever tasted at Destihl.

So much reading, so little time. . .poor Olivia couldn't stay awake.

Had to snag photos with Daddy's after watching their cousins in the musical "Joseph"

Kate and Daddy

Daddy and Olivia

A failed pinterest recipe in the quest of healthy eating: Quinoa pizza bites.

Not. a. fan.

Reading has continued to be a slower process for Ava.  But slowly but surely we've seen improvement every step of the way. So fun!

Ryan thought this pix summed the two of them up.

Olivia happy.  Kate just begging someone to mess with her (or her sister). ; )

Poor Ava.  She is my artist.  And mommy has been BEYOND slow in putting things on our walls.  Call it budget, time and wanting to make sure I know what I want.

She decided to help me out one day with one of our hallways.

Sometimes a sleepover with big sister is just what is needed.

Ava and Kate