Monday, July 29, 2013

First trip to the Dentist

Kate and Olivia got to have their trip to see our friendly dentist.  They were SUPER excited as they spent 10 months traveling in and out with me as I did invisalign this past year (if only I could go back to myself as a teenage and make myself wear my retainer!!!).  So long story short?

These girls were only excited heading in.  All the people were more than familiar and they already think they half own the place. : )

Kate wanted to go first - all set to go!

She was a total trooper - let her clean her teeth and even hung in there for the flouride treatment.  She was also a no cavity girl.

Next up was Olivia.  She was still pretty excited but just a touch nervous which actually made for a pretty adorable combination.  

She was so ready so laid back and popped her mouth open before the hygienist was even ready. : )

There she goes.  Olivia also did great for the cleaning and flouride treatment . . .but sadly, Olivia was the first of the kid clan to have a cavity (she is my candy eater too).  

The girls were all too happy to finish up and head straight to the treasure chest for their long awaited prizes. : )