Friday, May 29, 2009

some recent photos from the life of Ava

Ava loves to watch the neighbor's puppy
swinging on her belly is a favorite
Helping Daddy with the swingset "renovation"

playing in the new pool
how's this look for a comfortable sleeping position?


I went out of the room for a minute and came back to find this.
I guess she thought she'd better read up on our strategies?

She told me she was reading "like mommy." The funny part? That is how I lay on the couch and always with a blanket when I read. Monkey see, monkey do!

Our little invalid - Ava thought her bandaged foot was awesome.
Doesn't Kate look bothered by it?! : )


Jenna said...

so funny. I was just thinking tonight whether or not Crew is ready to vacate his crib. Seeing Ava makes me think that maybe he is. How did you know, and how did you start it? Also we do babywise too, and I really like it also! Ridge is just starting to spit and coo and razz and laugh and everything. I'm SO glad those first 3 months are behind us!

Amy Cherise said...

after baby wise- read "Love & Logic" by Fay - you will love it - even with ava right now:) the truth in these books make parenting a joy at each stage.

i love these pix of ava - she reminds me of you so much!!
love you amb!!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

It's been awhile since I've been able to catch up on you my friend. I'm glad to see things are going good. Praise God for Ava's!

I love you lots!

Amber said...

Jenna . . .

with the whole bed thing - it wasn't really a matter of knowing but doing. With the twins coming, we didn't want to make the change afer they came. So Ava actually got moved right around 15/16 months.

We just made sure to get extra long side rails for her bed since she does flop around alot. It really was just one AWFUL night that first night and then other than a few minor troubles of settling down a few nights after, she did great.

I'll warn you, for me, it was hard once the decision was made, sticking to it initially that first night with how hard it was for her. But like I said, it was one night and she's done graet since.

So whenever you decide - good luck! : )