Friday, May 29, 2009

an update on our life

These last few weeks have felt like a huge transition point for me . . .in a good way.

The twins are averaging about a 7 hour stretch between their last feeding at night and even did right under 8 hours last night (they've done that once or twice before). So last night the girls ate around 8:20, were in bed asleep by 10:30, and weren't up to eat again until 4. YEAH! They then go right back down for another 3 - 4 hour stretch before starting their day.

This means that if mom gets to bed early enough (big if : ) ), she ends up with a slightly functional amount of sleep the next day! It's made a huge difference, especially on the days I'm fully on my own.

The girls are also settling down for naps great these days at well (gotta love Babywise I tell you!). So when fussy, they get put down awake in their beds and usually within 5 minutes they are settled down fast asleep, if not less. They usually settle down fairly quickly at night too, although last night was a little fussier than usual.

I think for twins, nights are going very well. I don't take any of that for granted - although we have worked at it.

I've thought over and over again how thankful I am for two healthy, happy and content baby girls.

We had a bit of a scare with Kate last week that resulted with a trip to the ER for fear of losing a toe (Ava discovered multiple tourniquets of hair around one of Kate's tiny toes after a fussy day - it wasn't a pretty sight). The Dr's were great and with minimum pain, she's now doing great. Dr. Pogue gave her a final lookover the beginning of this week and was really pleased with how it's healed.

Kate was a trooper and it didn't seem to bother her much past the initial day of onset. We're just thankful for all 5 toes (and a big sister that saw it - I'm convinced that was the hand of God saving Kate's toe).

Kate and Olivia are so much fun these days (they were 12 weeks old on tuesday!). They love an attentive face and will coo and smile as much as they can to keep you there. Yet they bless their big sister and their mommy with being just as content to play under their play gym. And they love to watch Ava playing busily around them.

Mommy? I mentioned that I feel like we've hit a refreshing transition point. The girls are more settled into a routine (ahh the beauty of around 3 months old!) and that lets me feels some more freedom and downtime myself. This past week found all 3 girls napping at the same time for about an hour and a half in the afternoon 3 different days!

I quite liked. : )

I feel like I can function a little more around the house. That means laundry is more often done by me and not others (or at least partly : ) ). The kitchen sink doesn't overflow with dishes quite as frequently. Rooms get picked up on occasion. I can find the time to exercise at least a little most days.

While my house doesn't always really look like the above is a reality - it feels so nice to know it does happen on occasion and that I'm not so fully relient on others or Ryan to get through the day. Although I can't say enough how blessed we've been by the huge amount of support we've been shown. It still humbles me.

One day I'll have to write an "Ode to Grandma's." That's a whole post in itself!

There are times I can still get frustrated with how housebound I feel or the large amount of things that still go undone throughout the day. But I see changes and I see improvements . . . that helps so much on the days that drag on, the nights that are shorter and list of tasks that doesn't seem to lessen.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it's on those days I have to make a choice to thank God for this stage of life I'm in and learn to be ok with "less."

less done.

less "accomplished."

less me (or should I say more?!? : ) )

Overall, it just finally feels like our house has adjusted to its "new normal." I'm learning to see what that new normal is, embrace it and not lament the old. Because without a doubt, there are some pretty bright spots our two little girls have brought that far outweigh the changed.

With taking on more days by myself, I may not make it to blogging land quite as often, but know your prayers continue to be felt.

And with that, I've already rambled long enough just to say, "We're here, life's improving and it's even been fun along the way." : )


Brooke said...

What a woman you are. You exercise "most days"- what an accomplishment. Wow. That alone puts you up there! I keep wondering if I'll ever have enough energy to do anything unessential ever again! I'm so thankful you're doing so well!

Love you guys.

Minders said...

Yeah for sleeping babies!!! I think that makes about the biggest difference if EVERYONE is getting their sleep! You amaze me with how well you are doing with your new normal. You are much more graceful with yourself than I am and you handle things so wonderfully! It was great to spend time with you all today and be able to love on those sweet girls!

After dinner I told Noah we needed to go run some errands together in town and he said "I see Kate?!" Yes, Ryan, you heard of your daughters is taken!!! I know you gave Ava the no kisses talk this morning but Kate & Olivia didn't seem to hear you. :) They seemed to enjoy all Noah's attention today!