Thursday, May 7, 2009

my little reader . . .

Ava has always loved books - and as a self-diagnosed book worm myself I have loved watching her love for books grow.

I can think of countless times throughout my life where my night ended with mom and dad having put me to bed . . .only to get in trouble when they discovered me under my covers with a flashlight hours later as I read late into the night a book I'd read 10 times before. I've often hoped my own kids would love reading as much as I did and have tried to foster that love myself.

It seems to have caught.

Last week, Ryan put Ava to bed around 8 and came downstairs.

We heard her singing for a little bit but within 10 minutes all was quiet as our daughter settled down for a long night's sleep . . .or so we thought.

Around 9, as we got ready to feed the twins, Ryan decided to quick check on Ava.

He walked into a quiet room to discover our daughter sitting up in bed, stacks of books around her, quietly reading books to herself over 40 minutes after she had been put to bed.

We talked to her a little bit but being that she was relaxed, quiet and behaving, let her be thinking she'd be out shortly anyways.

Another 45 minutes later I snuck upstairs to check on what would have to be my now sleeping child.

Instead, I found a daughter still diligently turning the pages, even as her eyes were heavy and tired.

And I did what I always said I'd never do . . .

I took my daughter's books and told her she had to go to bed now.

Since then, on numerous occasions, Ryan and I have put Ava to bed at night or for a nap, only to check on her much later to find her asleep and surrounded by piles of books . . .that hadn't been there when she'd been put to bed.

It seems the book bug has struck and stayed.

This is one habit this mommy doesn't find irritating.

In fact, I find it pretty cute.

Keep reading little girl.


Anonymous said...

so cute - happy belated birthday!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ava!!! Seeing as I am a librarian, reading ranks up there pretty high. Glad you started liking books at a young age. Amber, the twins are precious. Can't wait to see them sometime. Of course, I think twins are the way to go. We're sure enjoying our grandbabies. Have a Happy Mother's Day!
Love, Marge

Mindy said...

She is so cute! I miss her!

Oh, and fyi...I haven't been avoiding you this week. I really did want to come over but Levi has roseola(sp?) and is still recovering from it. :( I miss all your sweet girls...oh and you too. :)