Thursday, May 21, 2009

some catch up

Life continues on at our house - although this week has been a long one. I seem to have come down with a mild virus the girls had last week and while mild . . .it is just enough to take a little more out of me with short nights and the sometimes long days.

Add in a big sister who suddenly has decided life is much too fun to sleep (ex: one night she was up from 2:45 - 5 AM just wanting to play), and who suddenly thinks bedtime is for sissies, and the twins seem like they're sleeping great! Ava's always been a great sleeper so I'm not quite sure what is the deal. I'm just praying it's short lived. : ) This mommy is a little weary today.

Ava's growing independence can make me excited and exasperated all in the same minute (all you out there with approaching 2 years olds understand me I know!). She definately pays attention to see if we follow through with reprimands and has no problem voicing her opinion.

The good news? She's also becoming more and more interested in playing and talking with the twins. It's been pretty sweet to watch as she'll lean over them and talk to them. They give her quick smiles and love to watch her playing around them. Her talking seems to improve by the day, it seems at times, and that I love to see and hear.

Ava definately outgrew her scooters from last summer so we went out and got her a trike to grow into. She had lots of fun helping Daddy put it together and was quite excited about her new bike.
While eager, her legs are still just a little too short.

So what's the next best option? You get creative! Pushing it is much more fun anyways.

Ava usually has fits as I try to do too much of anything with her hair. I have forced a pony tail on her once but since we just trimmed up the sides can't anymore. Well peer pressure can be great!
While at my sister's earlier this week, she saw her cousin get pig tails and let Alisa put them in for the first time! I absolutely love them . . .and hope this can continue. I think she looks pretty cute!

This is her telling me "CHEESE." Bubbles are too serious of an activity to fully deviate from.

Here Ava is talking to Olivia to try and get her to stop crying.

Next we'll try some kisses.

Always the helper, Kate could use her pacifier.

Olivia can't be consoled.

I'll try to get some good pictures of the twins up yet this week.


Minders said...

Ava's pigtails are darling! She is way too cute! I love your caption on the last picture...way to make Grandma feel guilty! :)

Sorry your week and specifically today have been hard. :( Hang in there!

Love you!

Brooke said...

I tried peer pressure on Annika with your post... "Annika, look how pretty Ava's hair, cool pigtails!" We'll see if it works. :)

Jessica said...

I love how her sunglasses are upside down :) and yes, her pigtails are TOO cute! If we ever have a girl she will be wearing pigtails as long as she will allow :) LOVE them!

Q and H said...

Maybe this will give you some hope...After Allana was born people kept asking how she was sleeping. Allana was doing GREAT, but Emma was not. She did the same thing, waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to play. After about a week of this, we had 2 stressful nights of making her stay in bed, but they were worth it...she sleeps great now! Once in bed she is there till morning.

I love the pictures...I love Ava's pigtails and the twins look like they are getting SO big.
We'll keep praying for you guys.

Amy Cherise said...

Miss you Amb!! Seeing the girls grow up makes me miss you more...

Anonymous said...

love from around the world! Thanks for the update for us in Japan.....sure makes me lonesome for all of you! Ava`s pigtails are adorable, they remind me of you at that age. I also love those upside down sunglasses - she must be a trendsetter! Kate and Olivia look older and their cheeks alittle fuller! Hope you all are feeling better, and ALL getting more sleep! Thanks for all your prayers for us, and our love and prayers are with you all, mom