Thursday, May 7, 2009

baby loves . . .

Because I seem to find my days are often passed before I get a blog post done, here some recent snapshots of our little girls. They seem to change so much by the day and just keep getting more and more fun - smiles easily abound from both to anyone who'll stop and show a little love. They're sleeping about 6 - 6 1/2 hours a night which finally allows mommy to get a somewhat refreshing stretch of sleep - YEAH! : )

SO here's some fun pictures from earlier today - you'll quickly understand why I pay to have someone take pictures for me! Despite my lack of photography skills, I still think they're pretty perfectly sweet.

Kate (left) and Olivia (right)
Some cheese from Olivia

Kate talking to Mommy

How about some extra cheese from Olivia (ignore the spit up on sleeper : ) )

The girls were 2 months old this past saturday, the 3rd!
We had their appt last thursday:
Kate: 9 lb 0 oz
Olivia: 8 lb 11 oz
The Doctor was extremely pleased with their growth. He still charts them at their adjusted age (which was 5 weeks then) and both girls found themselves around the 20th/25th percentiles in all areas of growths - looks like mommy's genes might be playing a slightly larger role this time around (Ava's always been around the 75% percentile). It'll be neat to see as they continue to grow. We just praise God for two healthy and happy little girls.
Kate (left) and Olivia (right)


Marla said...

They are just beautiful. What sweet little blessings!

Brooke said...

such fun pictures! The first one looks like they're doing a cheer. :) Beautiful sweet little things.

Amber said...

Brooke . . it's funny but when I took the pictures I thought, Brooke would like this one because it looks like Kate is cheering! : )

they are fun girls . . .

Amy Cherise said...

These little angels are miralces. I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

How precious! Their smiles are delightful, they are beautiful. Thankful that the twins are sleeping longer at night and giving you a chance for more zzzzz's. :)
Continued prayers,
Teresa Cunningham