Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 weeks old!

It's been a busy past week here - you'd think with Ava gone there would have been lots of blog posts. But life didn't seem to slow down even without her extra energy to keep me going! We had a great quietER week although it was good to have Ava back. I missed her snuggles.

It seemed the girls changed so much this past week and a half. We get smiles pretty easily these days and we're starting to get coos and half-giggles on a rare occasion. It's been so much fun to see them start to respond so much.

Thursday night, Alisa came with Addy and Brynne to give Ryan and I a date night out. I don't think Kate and Olivia lacked for any attention while we were gone. : )

Addy snuggling Kate
Brynne and Olivia having some fun
Don't you just love these cheeks?!?!?!

8 weeks old today!
I've given up on getting a snapshot of them smiling on my own. By the time I get diapers changed and things picked up after a feeding, I have to soak in the smiles on my own. If I run to get the camera . . .it too often seems one baby is done with playing! I'll have to enlist Daddy's help to get some smiling sweetness for you sometime. These hints of a smile will have to do for now.
Kate (left) and Olivia (right)

And they say a picture is worth a thousand words?

Here you go. : )

(how come plumber's butt is so much cuter on her than me!!! : ) )


Jessica said...

love the plumbers butt :) So cute! The second to last pic of both girls is absolutly sweet! They both look so angelic and their skin look perfect! Glad that you and Ryan got a date night thursday!

Sarah said...

They are absolutely gorgeous, Amber!! Wow!!

I get excited when I see you've updated. Those pictures are priceless!

Good to hear you're among the living! ;)

Brooke said...

They look so BIG! Beautiful... and I want to squeeze some of those cheeks (on their faces that is... not the plumber's). :)

Minders said...

Lol, oh Ava, you crack (pun intended) me up! :) I would even squeeze her plumbers cheeks she's so cute! :)

The girls are really starting to fill out! They don't look like newborns anymore! They are so beautiful!

Glad you could get a date night out too! How nice for you!

Jamie Bahr said...

you have three absolutely beautiful daughters! We are bummed that it didn't work to have Ava over when she was visiting grandma, so I guess you will have to bring her back up soon so we can have a playdate:) love from the livonia bahrs:)

Amy Cherise said...

precious, precious, precious!!! xoxo!!!

Betsy Z. said...

Oh Amber, they are so precious - all three of them! Ava was my little friend in the toddler nursery on Sunday. She sat on my lap a lot of the time (which Jake did not like one bit). She is so sweet! And your twins... oh, how Haylee & Jake loved them! Haylee is still talking about them!

jill tucci said...

Amber - the girls get more beautiful with every photo. Glad things are getting back to normal and you are getting some energy back. Love the plumbers butt! :) too cute!

Jenna said...

Oh amber. I can just totally relate with you, plumbers crack and all. the smiles and coos are so rewarding! Glad to see your doing well!

Sarah and I were raving about how gorgeous your babies are. You guys did a good job on those! :)