Friday, March 5, 2010

hard to believe it's been a year!!

Ahhhh, looking back.

A year ago, I was so thankful to have carried my baby girls to term . . .but also VERY thankful to be heading to the hospital.

Our two little buttons - praising God for healthy little girls.

Meeting big sister, Ava.

Still one of my favorite pictures - it helps me remember just how teeny they were!


Getting bigger.

Me and my baby girls - 1 year later.

At their one year checkup yesterday (to see Ava at 1 yr click here):
Kate: weight 19 lb 2 oz 30%
height 28 1/2 in 40%
head 45 cm 50%
Olivia: weight 18 lb 8 oz 20%
Height 28 1/2 in 40%
head 45 1/4 cm 60%

I can't hardly write this post without remarking on God's faithfulness. Carrying twins, birthing twins, and the first year with twins . His grace. I praise Him for my healthy and happy girls, the people He placed in our lives to support and encourage us, and a husband who walked every step of the way with me. As I've said before, twins has been one of the hardest and most exhausting experiences of my life . . .but even more so, the most fun and rewarding experience. I can't wait, Lord willing, to watch my 3 girls continue to grow. What a faithful God we serve!


Minders said...

Wow, they really are just so cute! They both have gorgeous eyes!

Brooke said...

Oh I love those sweet little girls!

I still can't believe how good you looked for carrying TWINS!

Amy said...

love you all!!! xoxo

Dani Joy said...

awww they are beautiful! and happy birthday to them.

I came to you from God Speaks Today. I love Sandy´s blog and she has been an inspiration in my fitness journey. I totally had to look at my weight loss as a journey. I can´t ever stop now. I too have done Jillian Michael´s DVDs since August 09 however I started my journey in January 09. Jillian´s dvd´s changed my body shape. I still have more I want to change and am at a plateau right now. jUst wanted to come over and encourage ya a little. WE can do it with Jesus´ help and a great support system!

A fellow sister and Fitness Jouneyer,
Dani Joy