Friday, March 26, 2010

how fun are they?!?!

Reason number 3,948,341 that twins are alot of fun.

Who needs a toy in the van when you have a twin?!


Brooke said...

OH, they are so fun! Great smiles too. And even better that you got to capture it on camera! *sigh* Maybe someday I'll catch cuteness on film!

Jon y Amy said...

How sweet,

I love to hear you say it is fun. Someone walked up to Jon in church and told him a story that when they had infant twins, they almost got divorced.

I think it was supposed to be encouraging and prepatory, but it came off really depressing!

So, thanks for reminding me it is fun!

Amber said...

Oh Amy, HOW I understand.

There were times I would look at Ryan, in almost exasperation, and say something along the lines, "nothing like a little encouragement - huh?!" I have a few good stories I could share but for the sake of us all, won't. : )

There will be changes : ), but with them come so many good ones. And the rougher times are temporary with good support. You both will do GREAT.

Q and H said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm so glad family can be down there with Grandpa. Impressive that Ava is swimming with wings and I wonder how many hours have been spent playing on those steps in the pool! :)

Ashley Baner said...

Reese loves your blog to catch up with her friends. She just said, "Those people hold a hand":)

I hope my girls will always be friends with your darlings!

Amber said...

I SO need to post that picture of Elle and Ava at the wedding. Still makes me laugh. : )

Missed seeing you today up at church!