Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

So the night before we flew out to Florida (it's more fun when you combine two big events in a row - right?!?!?!) . . .we threw a 1st birthday party for the girls. My sister was sweet enough to let us use her home since it would have been more crowded at our house. So the girls got to ride in their "big girl" car seats for the first time.

Ready to party

(by the way, there's nothing like 3 convertible car seats in ONE van to make you FEEL like you had 3 kids in a short amount of time : ) )

This is a common picture: Olivia's hair clip? Check. Kate's hair clip quickly pulled OUT? Check, Check.

Alisa's kids had the place looking so cute!

Birthday Girls
Kate (left) and Olivia (right)

The cake

Our family

I had to laugh with this picture and think, "this would be a cute baby announcement." We had announced the twins -well pregnancy anyways - at Ava's first birthday.

Ryan and I had joked beforehand that we should have had Kate open up a shirt that said "big sister" like the one Ava opened up . . .and then have Olivia open up a shirt that said "LITTLE sister" . . .but videotape the grandma's in the meantime. : ) But sorry, no announcements to share today.

Braden and Brecken goofing around

Uncle David practicing for wedding pictures

My little mother.

Opening up presents

Olivia trying out her sunglasses for florida

Quality control

Ready for cake

Happy Birthday Kate!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

And so we start.

I've mentioned my girls approach life a little differently? I really should post a video of them with their cakes, but I'll let some pictures tell the story and leave it at that.

And for those of you wondering: Olivia is on the left, Kate on the right.

Ava laughed and laughed and laughed at the two.



Bath time!

All cleaned up and enoying some milk to wash the sugar down.

Snuggling their babies on the way home.

To try and explain how fun this pair is? Well, I"m not sure I could. I think back to my pregnancy and some of the comments of "how much work" they'd be and I wish I could have told them (and myself) then, just HOW MUCH FUN twins are. There's nothing like it. Don't get my wrong. There are been some long days (and SHORT nights : ) ) between a year ago and now.

But for all you moms of twins out there in the beginning months? Your life will find routine again, you'll sleep again, and you'll have so much fun watching them grow.

And with that, the birthday celebration was over . . .Florida was waiting.


Brooke said...

What a great post! Love those girls.

Minders said...

I LOVE how the cake pictures depict their personalities! So funny! They are both so adorable and so much fun! Happy Birthday sweet girlies!!

Amy said...

how fun!!!!!