Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1st Birthday!

Ava's first birthday was this past saturday - seems unreal it's here . . .and gone! Ryan and I are so thankful for our little girl and the joy she's brought our lives. Here's a few photos from Ava's birthday morning . . .I'll post pictures from her party later.

Trying out her new phone - I LOVE her bed head.
Yeah!!! - a scooter!
(although she's quickly learned they are MUCH more fun when Daddy
is pushing her around the house at warp speed)

Hmmm . ..what's this?

At Ava's 1 yr appt she was:

22 lbs 1 oz (60%)

29 1/4 in (60%)

We're so thankful for a healthy little girl.


Anonymous said...

Ava is just precious! She is beautiful in the morning!! xoxo from atlanta.

Jessica Leman said...

happy birthday sweet ava!!! love the bed head :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday precious angel - even if her 'halo' is alittle messed up! A SPECIAL' celebration for all of us! love & hugs, grandma Bahr

Minders said...

Happy birthday Ava! She is going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that scooter! Noah's tractor like that is his favorite! (thanks B&A for it!)

And of course, I love her bed head! SO CUTE!

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Ava!! What a LOVE!!!

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday AVA!!!!!! Again, I must say you have the BEST baby laugh in the entire world!!!!