Wednesday, March 3, 2010

happy first birthday baby girls!

We had a fun and busy day full of first birthday fun (say that 5 times fast).

You have to start the day with presents!
(kate and olivia look like they're still trying to figure out what is going on)
yeah! - new sippy cups (that Ava picked out I may add)

Opening their bus - as soon as they opened it, Ava sweetly reminded them that they should share. : )
Having fun with birthday balloons

Happy Birthday Kate!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

I had Bible Study today, so afterwards we met Daddy for a lunch at subway. Kate and Olivia totally called me out that lunch was more for mommy than them . . .they still got stuck with chicken and vegetables.

Ava enjoyed the excuse for something fun too. : )

Olivia playing with her babies (don't you love Kate peeking in the background?!)

Having fun

They look SO big in these next shots.

Olivia Mae

Kate Amber


Some camera fun - I love me some Kate.

And even with the messy face, I love Olivia's eyes in this shot.

Heading up to bed - two tired but very fun one year olds.

Happy Birthday my sweet girls.


grandma Bahr said...

Happy Birthday little angels! Can't wait to celebrate with you on Friday! xoxoox sweet dreams! hundreds of hugs & kisses, grandma Bahr

Jamie Bahr said...

Happy Birthday little ladies! They are just too stinkin adorable:) Wish we lived closer so they could entertain my kiddos:) And congrats to Mom and Dad for successfully surviving the first year of twins!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! You made it through the first year. It only gets easier (I hope) ;)

Amy said...

Mom said it best - HB little angels!!! Amb - your girls are beyond precious. Your love shines through them!! and i love the pix ry is holding the girls - such a proud dad!! sending millions of xoxoxox!!!

Aunt Jackie said...

Happy Birthday girls. Why do they suddenly look like big girls, losing that baby look. Still adorable and will only get cuter. Looking forward to seeing them at the wedding.

Minders said...

Happy Birthday sweet girls! You are two adorable little girls and such fun to be around!

I echo what others said too - Congrats to you and Ryan for surviving (and enjoying!) their first year. :)

Amber said...

You guys have all been a huge part of why this past year went so well! While the first months are a little blurry : ), it's turned into so much more fun than work.

And Jackie, we're looking forward to see all of you too! It feels like it's been a long time. You should bring a puppy for Ava to play with (as long as you promise to take it back home). : )