Friday, January 8, 2010

10 months old!

My munchkins were 10 months old this past sunday. Can it be my babies will be ONE in TWO MONTHS?! So unreal.

They are a bundle of energy and constant motion but so much fun. Their smiles are quick and snuggles many. I love how fast they are to plant a kiss on my cheek in reward for picking them up.

They wave, clap, do "patty cake," are starting to sign "more," love to remind us they are "sooo big" and love to get into anything deemed Ava's. There is nothing more exciting than discovering one of her sippy cups laying around that is FULL! I'm trying to remember I need to fill up sippy cups for them, too now!

We find them standing on their own more and more although they still think crawling is plenty proficient. Anytime I try to get them to take a step or two, it's instantly back on their knees (although they love to walk around holding your hands).

They're doing so much better since being sick (although down in weight and still with runny noses). So I had to quick capture a few shots at least before they got even bigger!

Olivia (left) and Kate (right)

Miss Kate
She's my content child - just about with everything I do. She'll stay in a spot and play with toy, explore on her own and just sit with life. Pick her up to snuggle? She loves to affirm and connect with several love pats on your back. She's my solid sleeper and faithful eater. She continues to take life in stride (for the most part). Her favorite activity? Finding a trash can or wipe container she can gleefully empty. Lovely - huh?!Miss Olivia
My Olivia continues to keep life exciting! She's such an interesting mix of the biggest mommy's girl I've had . . .and the most adventurous. She needs to know mommy is close by in case a snuggle is needed, but loves to explore, move, and get into anything she can. I have to watch our pantry like a hawk. It's the first place she always checks when left to roam. She's the first to kiss and the first to scream. It's almost as if she knows she's the smallest and has to make up for it somewhere. She loves to communicate and gets quite proud of herself to correctly telling me "more."

The other day one of the girls kept fussing towards the end of their naptime. By the anger in her cries, I had pretty much assumed it was Olivia (she goes 0 - 100 pretty quickly) and thought she must be messy. So I went in and sure enough, I smelled quite the dirty diaper. So I picked my bawling Olivia up (Kate was still laying down contently in her crib) and took her downstairs to change as she happily bounced, kissed and snuggled me in thanks for getting her out. What did I find? She wasn't messy. It had been Kate with the messy pants. Yet it was Kate that was laying contently and Olivia adamantly protesting being awake without me - she would like out the moment she's awake. I can't tell you the number of times that has happened and pretty much sums my two girls up.
Together it makes for quite the fun pair. I think they'll be so good for each other as they grow up.

YES. Double the trouble. : )
(told you I have to watch the pantry).

I almost forgot! To see Ava at 10 months old click HERE. : )


Minders said...

Happy 10 months girls! I love the distinct differences in their personalites - they are so fun! And boy, I would say they are double the trouble according to that last picture! :) Love you girls!

amy said...

your girls are precious!!!! xoxoxo!!!!

Jon y Amy said...


Your three girls are precious!

I just saw your comment and I have been wanting to touch base with you. I need your "mommy-of-twins" wisdom! I have been gleaning back through your blog as you mention some of the unique aspects of mothering twins. If all goes well, we will get them home at around 6 months.

I don't think I have your e-mail, if you get a moment, could you drop me an e-mail?