Tuesday, January 5, 2010

and round number two

After our family christmas, we headed up to Ryan's parents for christmas with them.

Singing "Happy Birthday Jesus"
Our family.
Ryan's family has a tradition of the first present they open up being some form of a nerf gun and a mini-world war opens up for the next 10 minutes. They had taken a break with grandbabies coming along but I decided that this year, Ava needed to start toughening up. : ) So the tradition was brought back - I knew with Ava we would have a love or hate relationship. There would be no in between. But she thought it was absolutely the greatest . . .until the fun swiftly ended when she got hit straight in the face (I won't name names . . .Gpa). ; ) But it was lots of fun until then!

Getting ready to go.

World War Prevo

Still having fun.

Ava was VERY excited about the new dollhouse she got. LOTS of time has been spent playing with it. Mommy likes it too. : ) I couldn't get a picture of Ava with her eyes open. So here you go.

Pushing Kate on her new scooter from Uncle David and Aunt Tara.

Olivia liked the doll house too.

Awww. : )

Aunt Callie and Kate
I hadn't realized what a pair the two were all weekend until I went back and just about every picture I had of the two was often together!

Sometimes it's fun to sit back and watch others take care of my little munchkins. : ) They're in this awful habit of wanting to play before they get done eating. So it ends up feeling like you're feeding two baby lambs.

Eating dessert with Uncle David

The next day we went to Grandma Great's house to celebrate Christmas with the Gramm's.
Ava was thrilled with the rice krispie girl Aunt LuAnn made just for her.

Such fun people.

Playing with presents.

Helping Grandma Great open presents.

Trying on Mommy's shoes - "Ava-approved"

Snuggling girls after naps. Got to love the sweaty combovers and tired eyes. : )

Ava had lots of fun playing and snuggling her cousin Courtney. Thanks for playing so sweetly with her Courtney!