Monday, January 4, 2010

let the good times roll

Our round of christmas started off with our own little family.

Christmas Presents wrapped and waiting
Ava was quite excited about this stocking gift! : )
Olivia loved her new sippy cup.

And Kate? Kate would have been content playing with her sisters' packaging the whole time.

Ava quite pleased with her little gift for Daddy.
I think she was just schmoozing so he would share.

Playing with Kate and Olivia's new toy.

Having fun with the new van for her dollhouse

Reading one of her new books.

Funny enough - all our girls woke up early the day we were celebrating. I told Ryan I now have joined the ranks of parents who were dragged out of bed much earlier than they wanted to go celebrate christmas. I feel pretty blessed for the reasons I got dragged out of bed (most of the time : ) ). It's fun to have moments like this with our little family.


mom Bahr said...

The birthday singing was a Hallmark special!! Dad & I both enjoyed the singing and the blog update. Just wait till the twins start singing - you'll be just like the Von Trapp family!! Excited to see you in a couple of days! love & hugs, mom