Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas?! (and a Happy Birthday . . .)

Maybe it's the christmas decorations that are still up all around our home but the Christmas spirit lives on here at our house.

Or maybe it's just the fact that my child loves to sing.

I apologize in advance for the lighting.

It's rare that Ava lets me record one of her endless concerts around the house. So when the camera can be turned on, you don't make any unneccesary distractions that could bring a quick end to the show. For the hours Ava spends singing, I probably only have a few live recordings.

For the sake of your own time, I edited the 9 minutes of serenade down to just 2. : )

You can listen to Jesus loves me, Behold, more "Gloria's" than you'll know what to do with and many more songs some other time (or not).

And while you were watching?

You got a glimpse at 3 very real issues in Ava's life currently.

1. She LOVES her christmas pajamas.

This goes far deeper than "I Heart my pajamas."

It's real folks and I'm not quite sure what to do about it.

Pretty much every day, regardless of what she was wearing, by the end of the day she has gone upstairs and come back down with these pajamas on. I think she's stalks the laundry room to put them back on as soon as they've been cleaned.

Plus, I think she wore them for 2 1/2 days straight last week when the girls were sick.

Hey, don't judge.

You have babies throw up on you for 2 1/2 days straight and see if your other children change their clothes (or if you care for that matter).

I would have too, myself, if clothes changes weren't neccesary. Let's just say I kept a nice LARGE pile of t-shirts on the couch downstairs for myself.

Sorry, you probably didn't need that detail.

2. Nose Picking is a very real struggle as of late.

I'm at a loss.

The child loves to pick her nose.


So any suggestions you wiser moms have out there would be much appreciated. I'd like her to have friends when she reaches preschool.

3. That whole "kids regress with potty training during crazy schedules and sickness?"


In all actuality, Ava did great over the holidays.

Especially with how crazy things were.

But when Kate and Olivia got sick and she got plopped on a couch to watch full house for a few days (survival was all I was going for people) . . .major regression.

So I put her pull-up's on and let it go until I was sane again.

So we're back currently holding a refresher course . . .and that means going pantless for a few days around here so mom has less laundry. : )

On that note?

Enjoy . ..and Happy Birthday Dad!


Brooke said...

Too fun! Annika (and I) would have enjoyed the unedited version, too, I'm sure. She was excited I let her watch. :)

Brooke said...

PS- Annika has begun nosepicking as well... Saturday during family gift-opening I got handed something that I couldn't see... "What is it?" "Booger." Nice.

Let me know if you get any good tips on stopping the nosepicking!

Soooo... they can be friends with each other, our little booger buddies.

Minders said...

Add another booger buddy to the mix - Noah is so into it right now too. Yuck. Although he's a yaer older so I'm not sure it's as cute... :)

Ava you are such a good singer! I loved your performance (and your pjs & underwear!)!