Wednesday, February 18, 2009

if being a mommy feels hard for you today . . ..

Those of you who know me well, know there have been some big dreams on my part regarding ways to be involved in ministry and with my schooling. They are still there, yet modified, and without the overwhelming pressure that I am only serving God if I am working towards those specific goals or in those specific areas.

That was not always the case.

Mommyhood obviously has placed many of those desires on hold. There was a time in my life I wrestled with that . . .even while delighting in the gift that God had given me in our little girl. I felt like "my ministry" was being put indefinately on hold and I wrestled with when I would see the fruition of the desires I felt had been given to me by God.

Thankfully God has changed my heart to see the ministry of mommyhood: amidst the runny noses, sleepless nights and even the beloved tantrums. I've seen one ministry opportunity replace another, instead of hold off another. And it excites me to serve God in the opportunities that only being a mommy can bring.

And leave it to our awesome God who has placed opportunities in my path, now, that allow me to still serve in some of those earlier referenced areas!

I don't know about you - but I just read a post this morning that spoke straight to the heart of this issue and wanted to share it with you (ahh, the gift of a lazy daughter who randomly decided to sleep late today).

Maybe mommyhood is really hard for you today.

Maybe it feels far from a ministry or any type of service to our God.

Maybe today it just feels like work.

I've been there . . .but read Sandy's post and know you ARE doing great work.

and I think you mommies are amazing.


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Just popped over to see where all this blog traffic is coming from!!! Wow. Thanks so much for your endorsement of my post. I feel very humbled that you linked to me today. And I'm so thankful God was able to use me to confirm something He is already speaking to you.

Clearly, you are a great Mommy and an awesome woman of God. Well done.


Anonymous said...

i think mommies are amazing, too. our world is tough on stay at home moms, but the world is missing how important the nurturing of our family is. training up the next generation for GOD is an awesome ministry. thanks for your reminder today and the link to sandy's page. praying for you and your girlies. teresa c

Krista said...

Thanks. Today, being a mommy feels like a headache and a hangover. That's how it goes with a newborn, but sometimes I lose sight of the bigger picture. I agree with you, we don't have to wait until the kids are out of the house before God can use us in ministry again. Keep seeking his plan, and he will bless you!

Amy Cherise said...

you are an awesome mom amber!!! in a big picture, you are in one chapter of your life with your little darlings and god will use this "long" chapter to shape your other ministry some day - I have no doubt! I understand completely!! kudos to you for being brave and letting yourself "rest" with "just" being a mom. we are in a culture today that completely dismisses the honor of "just" being a mom and pacts on "extra" pounds that ultimately drains us - speaking from experience - it took me 9 years as a mom to realize that. I also wonder how much of a control issue it is - being a mom is a daily vulnerable situation - never knowing what is coming next...and us ladies do not like to be out of control - i know the times that i have fought that are the times i get myself "crazy" busy for a while - for a false sense of control and all the while making myself miserable in spite of doing so much "good" - when did life ever become a race?!? i think if i really embraced heaven as a chapter that will be more fulfilling than any thing here on earth - it would be much easier for me to "rest" and "just" be a mom daily. what a gift we have - to embrace our children with their bruised knees or a "whine" bc we need to some more time with them...if that is not a ministry i don't what is. i love you so much hon and am proud of you!! ps -and by being a great mom lets you be an amzing best friend to ryan...and what is more important than that?!!!!xoxox

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Beautiful post - Amber! I love you!