Tuesday, February 17, 2009

35 weeks!

Well, I don't have lots of news for you. Babies will be measured for size next week - or so the plan goes! They didn't measure me today either . . .possibly trying to avoid a traumatic experience? : )

Here is the latest.

Our little girls have been squirmy. So squirmy, in fact, that they have BOTH gone transverse on me. So that means, unless they continue their circling of my womb, we are a definite c-section.

I have mixed feelings about the news. It's not my ideal. It wouldn't have been my first choice at all. But I feel a level of surrender with it, that I didn't have even a month ago.

I told Ryan, even just a month ago, I think the news would have hit me a lot harder as I tried to manage more of how everything was going to turn out. But as the pregnancy has continued to progress, God has let me surrender a little more control with each week. It doesn't help me to fight something that is totally beyond my grasp. So at this point, I'm thankful to live in a time where I have so many options and such great medical care. Laboring two transverse babies 100 years ago does not sound fun!

There is a tiny measure of relief that I don't have to play the "what if" game and try and make the decision myself. With the babies' previous positions, we were in a "first baby is a go, second baby is a maybe" state for a vaginal delivery. So to have God just remove the decision process from me, I can see as a blessing. Although, I"m not completely unwilling to accept prayers that both babies could move into a position for a vaginal birth. : ) But we'll take what comes and know that God goes with us either way.

Babies have dropped . .. which has made life a little more interesting as sitting, bending and just moving in general has reached another degree of difficulty . . .or even humor I suppose! The other night I was taking my sweet time going up the stairs and Ryan looks at me, grins, and just goes up and down our second landing 3 times fast just to be obnoxious. I guess it pays to laugh - right?!

And as of today per Dr. Nord, babies will most definately be making their appearance no later than the first week of March. So anyone whose guess took me past 37 weeks, I think you're out of luck. : ) It seems unreal how close that is and makes the hard days easier to push through.

Thanks for all your prayers!

OH! - and thanks, too, for all of you that prayed we could make it past Ryan's crazy past month at work. I'm convinced that it was your prayers, some great sitters/family and a live-in maid/playmate last week (aka, grandma), that made it go as smoothly as it did.

It was such a huge answer of prayer, for me too, that Ryan didn't have the added stress of a wife on complete bedrest or new babies to juggle on top of it all. It'll still be a little busy the next month or so, but nothing like it was. So thanks for caring enough to pray, ask how it was going and checking in!


Sarah said...

So thankful everything is going so well, Amber!!

And don't worry, as long as you are numbed (I wasn't) all the way for the C-Section, they aren't bad at all! Seriously. I'll probably get c-sections for all my kiddos and am totally fine with it :)

But, for your sake, I hope you can go natural...

Thanks for the update!

L & J Gutwein said...

Hey.. so I am not saying that a c-section is a dream, but honestly I would feel so sorry for the pts. who did the full labor thing & then a c-section on top of it (if you had baby A vag. & baby B cs.). So, I will pray that you are safe, happy & that God's will be done.. but if it were me with my observational experience I would choose c-section. Hopefully this is encouraging :). Love, J

Jamie Bahr said...

We will be praying for you. We can't wait to meet Kate and Olivia!

Jill Tucci said...

We will be praying for you Amber. I hope that both babies go back into a position ideal for a vaginal birth - just to avoid any unnecessary recovery when dealing with two newborns! It was great running into you the other day - you really do look AMAZING!! you would never know that you are 35 weeks pregnant with twins! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new blessings! (and big sister too!)

Anonymous said...

Amber, I am so thankful for you, the health and strength you have had these past 35 weeks, your positive and prayerful attitude - I am so grateful! Even inspite of the challenging times and days, you have done so well! Hold fast to Romans 8:28. Phil 1:6 even takes on a special meaning! Take special care. love & hugs forever, mom
ps you were born with c-section and all turned out well! :)

little wheel said...

So glad to hear things are going well. We've had you in our dinnertime prayer grab bag and today when one of the boys drew you we got to thank and praise God that you got past Feb. 16th. It was a neat faith builder for them! We're continuing to pray for you!


Anonymous said...

grateful your babies will be born after feb.16 ~ PTL! trusting your delivery decision will be made for what is best for you & your babes. i loved your mom's encouraging p.s. praying for you, teresa c

Tami said...

ouch! it all sounds really painful. :) i will pray that the safest option will be the one used for both you and your girls. i know that you must be so uncomfortable right now, but honestly (call be weird), I think the 'waddling' stage is cute! :) it makes me think of Lane from Gilmore Girls. :)

Kirsten said...

I seriously got goosebumps reading this! I am so proud of how you have taken the whole pregnancy in stride. Have peace about the c-section if necessary, it is a recovery, but really is not terrible (and if you continue with c-sections for other pregnancies they just get easier and easier). You have so much support from family and church and that will make a huge difference too! Only a few more weeks and we get to meet the two little wonders!

Amber said...

Thanks for all the sweet encouragement ladies!

Amber said...

Oh - and Bonnie, your story with your boys blessed me! so thanks.

Kristy L said...

Oh, wow. Can't wait to hear good news sometime soon! : )