Tuesday, February 3, 2009

33 weeks/full term . . .kind of the same thing?! (oh and maybe a giveaway)

So today at my appt, I measured a full term 40 weeks. I suppose I should mention it was my 33 week appointment?!?! : ) At least I know why so few clothes fit! I had to kind of chuckle to myself and wonder, "If I make it to 37 weeks, I wonder what I'll be measuring then."

SO, I"ve decided to make this fun . . .and use my stomach stretching (and it's accompanying designs along the way) for a GIVE AWAY!!!!!
Here's what you have to do:
Each of you have one opportunity to make ONE guess of when these babies will be born . . .AND how large I'll measure the day I deliver. I debated having you guess my total weight gain, but thought I'd like to remain friends. : )
Here's some helpful hints to the guessing:
1. Unless I'm feeling amazing, the babies are showing no problems, and I beg to keep waiting longer, it is hugely unlikely I'll have the babies after the first week of March.
2. It is currently Feb. 3rd (in case anyone had lost track).
3. I am not experiencing any contractions at this moment (in case any of you are going to try and spring babies on me yet tonight).
4. Two weeks ago, I measured 37 weeks.
After I've had the babies, the person who came the closest to my actual delivery day will win a $10 gift card to any of the following stores:
Olive Garden
(I figured that allows a wide variety of indulgences : ) ).
The measurement will be the tie breaker in case two people picked the same day.
All guesses must be given by this sunday night at midnight. If babies happen to show up before then, the winner will come from any exisiting guesses.
Happy Guessing!
*disclaimer: gift card will be placed in your hands within 3 months of babies' delivery. Life might be a little busy. : )


Brooke said...

How fun! I totally never win stuff, but I'll try.

I'd say Monday 2/23 at 5:57 pm- measuring at 42 weeks. I'm thinking that the week of the 16th is the last that Ryan has to work extra? So hopefully they wait until then, you have a nice relaxing weekend, and then they come. I'm sure they're all about what's best for their mommy, right?! I'm so thankful that everything has been going so well!

Sarah said...

How fun!


measuring 38 weeks

Busy Mom said...

My guess is Tue Feb 17 and measure 42 wks. You are doing great! Can't wait to see them--It's been a long time since I've seen newborn GIRL twins. Usually it's Boys. :)

Minders said...

What a fun game!

2/20 measuring at 42 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I say February 16th. Measuring 43 weeks.

Jessica (T)

Krista said...

you go girl! I'm going to guess Feb 16, measuring 39 weeks. So glad to see you are still incubating. Keep up the good work!

Luke & Andria said...

Ummmmmm....I think Saturday the 21st measuring around 43 weeks.

I'm guessing later because you're carrying sooooo well and your blood pressure isn't even elevated with two little ones on board. =o)


Anonymous said...

Will pick 2/24 (our twin daughter's birthday) and let's go with measuring 44 weeks.

Thankful you're doing well. Will continue to pray for you. Teresa

megs @ whadusay said...

I'm going Feb. 25th measuring 42 weeks.

Alissa said...

I'll go with Feb. 23, measuring 43 weeks. Hang in there! I can't believe they're almost here!

Amy Cherise said...

feb 26th at 44 weeks. oh my word!!!! xoxo

Kathryn said...

I will say March 1st, measuring at 44 weeks. You look great

Tami said...

i really have no clue what the measuring method is being used here...but since i see a lot of 44's, i'm going to take a step farther and say 45. for some reason, i feel like that is going to sound like an insult, but just know, i don't even know what i'm talking about!
you should have your babies on 02-21. :)

Marla said...

Okay! I guess Feb 15 (since it's my bday)at 6:37pm! You'll be measuring at 42 weeks. I'll be praying that everything keeps going alright!
Marla H.

Jenna said...




Measuring 42 weeks
I'm guessing its via c-section, so they probably won't schedule you in the middle of the night, and most likely during office hours... so I'm guessing...

11:45 am

Kristy L said...

Wow- there are a lot of dates covered. I'll say 2/24 as well, but measuring at 42 weeks.

Anonymous said...

41 weeks

good luck on Tuesday

Amber said...

It's been fun to see when everyone thinks these babies are coming - I wrote all the dates (and measurements) out on a piece of paper for an easier glance.

Tam - no worries, you didn't insult me. The girls at the mall today who literally pointed and looked did .. . but you didn't. : )

it'll be fun to see!

Sara Huber said...

First Amber, you are doing awesome! Your attitude seems to be great which will help you through the last few weeks! Well, you might not like my response but I have a friend here who was finally induced at 39 weeks with her twins after being on bedrest from 30 weeks or I'm going to go with 3/6, measuring a healthy 44 weeks! :)

leisle deisle said...

i'm going to say 3/3 only because it happens to be my most beloved number. it just didn't feel right guessing something else when i had the opportunity to guess 3s! as far a measurements...43.

Anonymous said...

good luck tomorrow
hope things go well

Anonymous said...

don't forget your toothbrush today