Tuesday, August 19, 2008

birthday present en route . . . .

The last birthday present Ava opened up at her birthday party is really still a work in progress. We're told we can expect delivery around March 22nd.

Mommy, Daddy and Ava are all so excited . . .and covet your prayers.

(by the way - aren't her legs just delicious in this picture!!! : ) )

Monday, August 18, 2008

Party Part Two

I know, I'm a little slow these days. But better late than never - right?!

Here's some cake action . . ..

Hmmm . . .this is kind of good
I'd try some more mom but I can't quite reach
Much better!Somehow she still managed to stay a little neat - I was impressed! (and no, she hadn't eaten that big of a bite . . .she quickly got sick of frosting and we were trying to help her get to the cake itself)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Party Part One

Here's some pictures of the birthday girl opening up some of her presents . . .

Snuggling her bitty baby from Gpa and Gma Bahr

Trying out her pony from Gpa and Gma Prevo

This unwrapping stuff is kind of fun!
The purse collection has already begun
Can you tell she had a FEW helpers?!?!
Her flower " cake" from Aunt Amy - too cute!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1st Birthday!

Ava's first birthday was this past saturday - seems unreal it's here . . .and gone! Ryan and I are so thankful for our little girl and the joy she's brought our lives. Here's a few photos from Ava's birthday morning . . .I'll post pictures from her party later.

Trying out her new phone - I LOVE her bed head.
Yeah!!! - a scooter!
(although she's quickly learned they are MUCH more fun when Daddy
is pushing her around the house at warp speed)

Hmmm . ..what's this?

At Ava's 1 yr appt she was:

22 lbs 1 oz (60%)

29 1/4 in (60%)

We're so thankful for a healthy little girl.

Friday, August 8, 2008

blogging frenzy #4 . . .

Ava's birthday is tomorrow - YEAH!!! Ryan's Grandpa is always the first to get a birthday card in the mail . ..with a balloon in it. I always have told Ryan it never quite feels like my birthday until I have my balloon from Grandpa Prevo. Ava got her first birthday balloon this week in the mail and has been loving playing with it!

Ryan was downstairs cleaning up the basement the other night with Ava when all of a sudden he turned around to find she had climbed up on the rocking chair and was just sitting there quietly looking at him like she'd just been waiting for him to notice. She seemed so grownup!
and what's blogging without some reality?!?!
Ava has perfected the art of a tantrum this week (our crazy schedule may have a LITTLE bit to do with it). It could be the word "no." It could be a fall. It could be a closed door. It could be a mommy just a slight bit slower than she'd liked. The other day it was to the point of amusement that I just had to call Daddy and let him listen to the melody for a minute.
I do know one thing - life with my baby girl is never boring.

blogging frenzy #3

so I mentioned we've been busy?

Earlier this week, Ava and I got to spend a couple days in chicago with my mom, sister and her kids. Ava was a trouper with naps all over the place, being man handled and toted around. It was so fun to be able to see her enjoy fun experiences alongside her cousins.

The first day we went to Shedd aquarium. I was prepared for Ava to be disinterested. Not so! She loved seeing the animals and trying to get up close.

Day 2 we went to the American Girl Store! What fun! I thought Ava would love all the dolls and I wasn't wrong! The first doll she saw, she started crying when I picked her up to move on.
Our yummy brunch! If Ava seems slightly dazed, it may be because nap time should have occurred an hour ago! : )
The birthday girls! Ava on the 9th, Addy on the 13th!
Addy and her doll celebrating her birthday. The pictures of Ava and her cake are on my mom's camera so I'll have to get those another time. (let's just say my daughter likes chocolate mousse)
someone LOVED the bitty babies.

What fun - thanks for such a special few days mom!

blogging frenzy #2

Ava has been more than busy as well these past few weeks . . ..

The big news?! WE"RE WALKING!!!!!
Last week Ava took off - she gets quite proud of herself. It has been so fun for me to see her enjoy the independence and be able to explore in a whole new way. (Ok, so the not needing to hang on me so much is kind of nice too. : ) )

Ava finished up her swimming lessons too - she loved them! Daddy got to come watch her on the last day and took a few photos for us. Here she is practicing jumping off the side.
I wasn't sure how she would do with Daddy nearby and OUT of the pool (if she'd want out to be by him). Nope. Instead my ham of a daughter would keep looking over at him in between activities and wink as if to say, "HEY DAD - LOOK AT ME!!!!!!" It was pretty cute.
Ava also got to go to her first "Gramm House." So she didn't get to enjoy the Schawn's but she did have fun in the pool. We'll try the ice cream out next year.

Blogging frenzy #1

I know . . .I"ve been slacking. Life has been a little crazy lately (but in good ways). But since I've been hearing about my lack of blog posting, I've decided to go into a blogging frenzy about our last few weeks of life. The good news about blogging is that when I have throughly bored you, you can go to someone else's site! : )

and so it begins . . .

A few weeks ago Ryan and I went back up to Michigan for my good friend Jill's wedding. The ceremony, reception, and (of course!) the bride were all beautiful. I should have taken a picture of the church but didn't. Here's a couple snapshots.

Old Friends!
Liz and I met in 6th grade - there are many pictures like this between 6 and 12th grade!

And more old friends!

I figured between the three of us, there probably isn't much about Jill that isn't known! : )

The gorgeous bride

The happy couple
I couldn't be happier for them - now if they'd just move closer instead of further away! : )