Friday, August 8, 2008

blogging frenzy #3

so I mentioned we've been busy?

Earlier this week, Ava and I got to spend a couple days in chicago with my mom, sister and her kids. Ava was a trouper with naps all over the place, being man handled and toted around. It was so fun to be able to see her enjoy fun experiences alongside her cousins.

The first day we went to Shedd aquarium. I was prepared for Ava to be disinterested. Not so! She loved seeing the animals and trying to get up close.

Day 2 we went to the American Girl Store! What fun! I thought Ava would love all the dolls and I wasn't wrong! The first doll she saw, she started crying when I picked her up to move on.
Our yummy brunch! If Ava seems slightly dazed, it may be because nap time should have occurred an hour ago! : )
The birthday girls! Ava on the 9th, Addy on the 13th!
Addy and her doll celebrating her birthday. The pictures of Ava and her cake are on my mom's camera so I'll have to get those another time. (let's just say my daughter likes chocolate mousse)
someone LOVED the bitty babies.

What fun - thanks for such a special few days mom!


Anonymous said...

Amber & Ava, thanks for making those days in Chicago so special! Cherishing the memories. xoxoox love forever, mom