Friday, August 8, 2008

blogging frenzy #4 . . .

Ava's birthday is tomorrow - YEAH!!! Ryan's Grandpa is always the first to get a birthday card in the mail . ..with a balloon in it. I always have told Ryan it never quite feels like my birthday until I have my balloon from Grandpa Prevo. Ava got her first birthday balloon this week in the mail and has been loving playing with it!

Ryan was downstairs cleaning up the basement the other night with Ava when all of a sudden he turned around to find she had climbed up on the rocking chair and was just sitting there quietly looking at him like she'd just been waiting for him to notice. She seemed so grownup!
and what's blogging without some reality?!?!
Ava has perfected the art of a tantrum this week (our crazy schedule may have a LITTLE bit to do with it). It could be the word "no." It could be a fall. It could be a closed door. It could be a mommy just a slight bit slower than she'd liked. The other day it was to the point of amusement that I just had to call Daddy and let him listen to the melody for a minute.
I do know one thing - life with my baby girl is never boring.


Minders said...

Happy Birthday Ava! We hope you have a great day and enjoy your cake! :)

Noah & Levi

Sarah said...

Happy 1st Birtday, AVA!!

(Love the balloon tradition - that is too cute!)