Friday, August 8, 2008

blogging frenzy #2

Ava has been more than busy as well these past few weeks . . ..

The big news?! WE"RE WALKING!!!!!
Last week Ava took off - she gets quite proud of herself. It has been so fun for me to see her enjoy the independence and be able to explore in a whole new way. (Ok, so the not needing to hang on me so much is kind of nice too. : ) )

Ava finished up her swimming lessons too - she loved them! Daddy got to come watch her on the last day and took a few photos for us. Here she is practicing jumping off the side.
I wasn't sure how she would do with Daddy nearby and OUT of the pool (if she'd want out to be by him). Nope. Instead my ham of a daughter would keep looking over at him in between activities and wink as if to say, "HEY DAD - LOOK AT ME!!!!!!" It was pretty cute.
Ava also got to go to her first "Gramm House." So she didn't get to enjoy the Schawn's but she did have fun in the pool. We'll try the ice cream out next year.