Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving "staycation"

Warning: long post ahead. I probably should have split it up but didn't feel like taking the time. : )

Over thanksgiving, we got to enjoy a little two day "staycation." We had already planned to use a free night at a local hotel with the girls. But my parents were able to come join us for 2 days - and it turned into a fun-filled two days.

My parents actually took the girls with them to the hotel thanksgiving evening. So what did Ryan and I do with a rare and blissful night on our own without a single plan or place to be? Ventured out for our first ever "black friday sale!"
I was a little unprepared for the reality of black friday shopping. I knew it would be busy - but really had no idea. We went to toys r us and I quickly found out I hadn't adequately dressed to stand in line behind the store for an hour. But motherhood is all about improvising -right? No socks? No problem! Just use your gloves. : ) We had gone for one specific item (funny enough, for a BIRTHDAY present for the twins : ) ) and then a few extra bonuses for the girls (crayola was buy one, get TWO free. Hello stocking stuffers for my coloring obsessed little girls). So we were able to get in and out of the crazy. It was fun to do once but I could not fathom doing it "just to shop" or all night. We were exhausted by one trip and still were home and warm before 11. : )
Every year my girls build gingerbread houses with my parents. They love to do it and it's fun to see them get more detailed every year.
Grandpa and Ava
Olivia busy working
Kate roofing her house
Ta daa!!
Olivia's finished house
And last but not least, Ava's!
Then we headed out to join them the second night at the hotel. We walked to our restaurant and walked around the circle a little bit. It was a cool but clear night.

Ava and Daddy
Gpa and Gma and the girls
Ava wanted a sister shot
Ava and her beloved "trees" (story to follow)
And what better to eat on a cold night than frozen yogurt?! : )

Then it was back to the hotel for a movie and popcorn (speaking of, if any one is looking for a fun family movie to watch and has little girls, the "Eloise at Christmastime" movie is super cute)
Snuggles with Daddy
So I mentioned a story coming?

Well my girls LOVE them a hotel stay. As in, get so excited, stay up 'til midnight, excited. The first night at the hotel, I had warned my parents of this. The twins managed to drift off around 11:30 if I remember right but Ava was still going strong. Mom and Dad were lying in bed and Ava in hers and they thought things were finally settling down for the night. Right around midnight, all of a sudden, Ava drew back the curtain by her bed and gasped with delight as she discovered she had the perfect view of the lit up circle of trees. It was a little girl's dream come true and she was convinced, I think, they were there just for her. : )
Brushing teeth
Ava and Olivia
My Kate
the girls!
Hmm, kind of works for a family shot I guess.
Then it was off to the museum.

Pizza time!
Ordering from the menu
future waitress?
Painting "on grandma"
Some Olivia cheese
A Puppet Show
Then the real show began as Olivia took the mike
sisterly duet
Kate was the percussion
and then she decided to join the fun too
Then on to a little farm work
It flew by but was such a fun break before the business of life began again.


Mindy said...

Those girls are just too cute!!! Looks like a very fun weekend! And I love your sock gloves. :)

mom bahr said...

it was a wonderful and fun time for us too!! love those pictures and memories!

emilykate said...

This looks really fun! I still really like getting away to a hotel, even if it's nearby.