Wednesday, December 14, 2011

christmas lights

Ryan came to me this year and said he wanted to outline the front of our house in lights. It's something we've often commented in passing each year that it would be so neat to do but I never considered it that big of a deal since our roofline goes a little high. So when Ryan brought it up, I told him, "go for it . . .but please don't hurt yourself trying."

So one afternoon he set out to begin. After realizing the man was trying to put up lights, up the ladder, on his own, I headed out to hold the ladder for him. I'd like to keep him around. Plus I'm just nice like that. : )
But as the reality of the height starting sinking in, he decided I wasn't quite going to cut it. So reinforcements were called in.

The girls were quite happy with Daddy's decision.
It meant Grandpa showed up to save the day!
I'm still trying to decide if he's half crazy or just amazing. Maybe a bit of both? : ) I kept telling him everyone was probably driving by thinking, "that poor man whose wife has him up there putting up all those lights." I considered putting up a big sign that said, "this was HIS idea." : )
However, the end results were pretty fun. He did a great job!

Thanks for your hard work Hun (grandpa too)!!
Any offers to come help him take them down?!? . . . : )


Alissa said...

It might be easier to get on the roof and lay on his stomach to take them down. That's how Duane did ours. There's a little more surface area that way.

Amber said...

We would have - but our roof is all slants. That's actually why Ryan never did the very top roofline - we had thought he's just climb on the first roof and go from there but the angle is super steep and I fully supported his decision it wouldn't be safe.

Unless of course Duane wants to come give it a try?! : )

Mindy said...

I think I'd keep them up there permanently. Then every Christmas you get to enjoy them and no one has to take them down! :) They DO look pretty though!

mom Bahr said...

have any of your neighbors put it the "ditto' lights on their homes??
Great job Ryan (& Mike too)!