Monday, December 12, 2011

My Kate

My Kate is a one of a kind.

Deliberate, stubborn and decisive on some things. Laid back and easy about others. Not always predictable which one she will be. : )

But boring? That she is NOT.

My Kate loves clothes.

She loves to CHANGE clothes. OFTEN.

Anytime we go somewhere, if I'm not watching, as soon as we are home she'll be halfway up the stairs telling herself, "I have to go change!"

If she ever disappears while playing, I can almost always assume she's busy finding a new outfit upstairs.

Nap time? Doesn't happen so much anymore. She's too busy coming up with a variety of clothing combinations while her sister often sleeps.

We've gone out in some more than interesting combinations.

I've just keep claiming that "mismatch" is really in these days anyways!

As much as it may exasperate me at time with the laundry and clothes out of the dresser, I have to admit, I kind of look forward to seeing what new combination her latest outfit will be. Yes, one thing is for sure. . .

Life with this little girl?
Never boring.
(and fittingly enough, yes, her t-shirt reads, "Being cute gets me out of trouble")


Sarah said...

seriously. ADORABLE!

Mindy said...


Amy Cherise said...

i see a designer in the making!!! xoxo

mom Bahr said...

It is her pose that is the frosting on the cake!
at least she PUTS ON clothes when she naps...I have memories of someone doing the opposite during her nap time! :)