Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies!

The girls were super excited to head to Grandma's to make Christmas Cookies this year. It was a tradition I grew up having with my own Grandma and it was one of my favorite days each year. It's fun to think of having that for our own girls to grow up with.

Grandma and Kate rolling out some dough
Ava was my handy helper
Olivia's turn
Ready to bake!
Grandma's helpers?!
Don't you want her in your kitchen?! : )
I really had thought the frosting would be my girls favorite part. And while Kate and Olivia both loved diligently frosting one cookie, that was enough for them and they were off to play. Cutting the cookies out was by far their favorite part.

Kate frosting her cookie
Ava, on the other hand, LOVED decorating her cookies (I think she just liked it all).
The proud artist
And her finished cookies
Grandpa came home from work and was an instant hit when he had the kids help him set up the train around the Christmas Tree.
Braden was with us for the day. Both Olivia and he were hilarious plugging their ears for much of the play. Kate was just having fun.
A chocolate covered pretzel makes for a happy little guy.


emilykate said...

Ha, those Cmas cookies are so funny and cute!