Friday, December 16, 2011

Preschool Program

Ava had her christmas program for her preschool the other week. She was super excited for it coming up but we had wondered how our often shy child would do. For other programs, once on stage, nervousness has set in and singing becomes hard even though it's something she loves to do. So Ryan and I had just prayed for courage and that she could enjoy doing something that she loves. . . then waited to see what the day would hold.
My little girl totally surprised and impressed me. She happily waved walking in, got up on stage without hesitation and very sweetly and willingly sang and said every word. I was so proud of her. It was neat as a mom just to see her enjoy it and not be so overwhelming by event.

Singing with the 3 yr old class
Then it was time for just her class to sing
Sneaking a look at Daddy
Singing her songs
A very proud little girl afterwards
Then she began directing the shots : )
Our family - I wasn't prepared for how old all the girls look in this shot. Growing up!
Ava was thrilled that Gpa and Gma P got to come watch too. Gpa even made the drive from work. Thanks for making the effort!
And the fun surprise was that Grandma Great was back from Florida and got to come as well.

4 generations - pretty special.
mommy and Ava
Then one last shot with her fabulous teachers