Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

I still can hardly believe I'm writing this . . .but we got a fake tree this year.

Ryan was the one who introduced me to a real Christmas tree and I admit he had kind of won me over to the smell and experience of it. I had long come to the conclusion that it was something we would always do.

Well my man is just always full of surprises. And surprise me he did when he told me he thought we should go get a fake one this year.

It made sense, a one time cost, no sweeping up needles and one less errand during the holiday season.

So I was surprised when I got a little sad to miss out on picking it out and the aroma filling my home.

But the practicality quickly won out, and I woke up black friday morning and got a great deal on a tree we loved before blissfully climbing back into bed to sleep some more (in a kid free home!).

Then I happily plugged my scentsy "wintertime" scent into my kitchen outlet and we started decorating. Ahh, simplicity.

I like it. : )

Kate hanging ornaments
Olivia's turn. Tell me I'm not the only mom who had to bite her tongue at her overloaded, kid-reachable, front of the tree!? : ) Such fun memories.
Ava and Daddy hard at work
The finished tree with my 3 favorite girls.
And with that, I'm finally done with November. . . on December 13th. Kind of late . . .but the right choice for last month. : ) Now on to December fun!