Sunday, March 29, 2009

getting ready to step out into a BIT of reality

Kate (left) and Olivia (right) - getting bigger!

Did you think we'd never come up for some air?

Yea . . .I wasn't so sure either. : )

There are many days I have no idea where the day went. Ok, lets be honest. That is MOST days.

It all passes in a blur of nursing, diapers, nursing, Ava, nursing, babies and a splurge of a shower! My shower is the grand accomplishment of each day for me.

But can you believe it's almost been a month?! (This tuesday!!)

I can't either.

The girls have been gaining weight really well - last tuesday at their weight check, Kate weighed in at a whopping 6 lb 7 oz and Olivia chimed in right behind her at 6 lb 5 oz. I'm hoping that with such great weight gains the past weeks (and planning on another one this tuesday), that the Doctor will say we can stop with the supplements. They've averaged at least half a pound a week for the past two weeks.

Nights are the big challenge. We're just starting to let them go longer than 3 hours at a time (or attempting). A few nights this past week we got a couple stretches of 4 hours. Last night, it was back to 3 hours like clockwork.

This too shall pass - right?!

Ava has been a little bit more of a challenge lately - more just as she's gotten more aggressive with trying to handle the girls.

The other day I caught her just in time as she was proceeding to "lift" Olivia off the couch. Olivia's entire body was off the couch and her head about to follow crashing into the floor.

Her trying to "hold you" on her own is a more and more common occurrance.

Heaven help us.

She also loves to try and nurse her sisters. You'll catch her essentially laying on her sisters while trying to push her chest into their face. They love it. (that was sarcasm by the way).

Did I mention that Ava weighs 27 pounds?

Then there's this great cause and effect she's discovered.

Did you know that if you wallop your sisters on the head, they'll let out this great whelp and start to cry?

This is a favorite of Ava's.

She especially loves to do this while staring you straight in the face.

Yea . . .we're working on that one.

It is a grand cycle of love-hate . . .although in Ava's defense, most of the challenges stem for the fact that she usually absolutely love her sisters.

Ryan and I? We're working on reality (not just a defiant child) starting to stare us in the face as well.

My mom plans to leave for a little while this tuesday. Grandma Prevo will be stepping in alot . . .but at the same time, Ryan and I know we can't have our hands held forever and do want to work towards doing more on our own.

So we're going to be managing much of the nights on our own and I"m going to give most of the the afternoons after Ava's naps a try on my own as well.

This is a preliminary trial.

If you hear the sounds of two people drowning . . .that may be us. Adjustments will be made where needed. : )

The good news? - if all else fails, maybe we'll make BOTH grandma's move back in.

Ok, that's probably not a healthy reality. But my mom will be back in a couple weeks to take Ava home with her for a week, so I know I have that for sure breather coming. I also know Grandma Prevo can step in for crisis prevention too. : )

This is where I'm praying that the girls can really start to make progress at night as they continue to gain more weight. I know that may be the difference in how well our transition to more independence goes.

One of our biggest challenges right now is that I"ve been fighting thrush. For all you namesless readers that don't know what thrush is (yes, I know you're there . ..and one day I'll figure out a way to flush you out : ) ), it's essentially something that can occur with nursing that makes it oh so (NOT) fun.

Please place an emphaisis on the not.

It can make things discouraging when nursing is already pretty time-intensive with our chaotic life as it stands already. But I'm working on seeing what I can do to get rid of it and praying it'll clear up.

I'm trying to take each day of nursing as it comes. If I think too far ahead I get overhwhelmed.

Like trying to figure how Ava is going to love me nursing on the couch for 45 min - 1 hour throughout the day WITHOUT her own entertainment system. I do have some tricks up my sleeve I plan on trying.

I'm trying to be persistant without being dogmatic. : )

I really want to be able to nurse both girls.

But I don't want to sacrifice our family in the process.

So if all else fails, I know adjustments can be made there . ..and I'll just need to be thankful for the time they were able to be exclusively breastfed. That's not my ideal to consider though . . .so like I said, one day at a time.

I'm thankful for the blogging world though - on the days I feel pretty cut off . helps to feel like I know some of what's going on in the lives of people I care about! My times on the computer aren't always long or often, but it's fun when I find them. Especially since trying to coordinate a time that someone calls with me being able (or truthfully even wanting) to talk can be a feat in itself! So thanks for all the glimpses into your lives as well. I miss you all! :)

I also cherish my quiet moments.

Last night, Ava and I got to snuggle in her bed, singing songs, before she went to sleep. It's one of her favorite things to do lately and I absolutely love it. It's so fun to hear her singing along and it amazes me how many words she knows. The child has her ABC"s halfway down and has recently added "Jesus loves me (Jamaican style)" as a new favorite. Her "la la la's" are pretty cute.

Or there is the rare quiet hour Ryan and I get to relax in the evening with all 3 girls asleep and nothing else going on or no one else around. There are days that pushing towards that is what gets me through the day.

This afternoon, I even got a few moments to snuggle just ONE wide-eyed baby while her twin sister slept. I love the times I get to soak in each girl on her own.

Those moments don't always happen too often.

But they do happen. And I'm so thankful they do. The past weeks would have been alot harder without them and so I take them as little "love letters" from God.

So once more, thanks for all the prayers, the love, the meals (wow - we've been spoiled and I couldn't be more thankful), and just for thinking of us. It means alot to know we're remembered.

Wow. This post should have been made in sections!

Until the next time . . .


Minders said...

Amber, those girls are getting so big!!! They are so beautiful! I think they are both looking more like Ava as the fill out.

It's so good to hear from you! I miss you my friend! If you start drowning over the next few weeks don't hesitate to call me to pick up Ava...Noah would LOVE to have her come play! He asks about her all the time!

You are doing great nursing too! You have already accomplished a MONTH!!!! That is great!

Love you!

megs @ whadusay said...

Man Amber - the girls are so cute and filling out!

Hang in there friend, it will pass way too quickly (even if it doesn't feel like it). I echo Mindy, we'd love to have Ava come and play if you need a little break. Call anytime!

Praying for you!

Amy Cherise said...

amber - keep embracing these crazy days with your precious ones!!! hugs and kisses from atlanta! xoxo

Q and H said...

We'll keep praying for you and your growing family! Your girls are getting so big and are VERY cute. I give you a lot of credit for nursing the! I don't think I could do it. Remember if you need anything...even though we are a couple of hours away...I'm happy and willing to help in anyway! :)

Amber said...

thanks for the words of encouragment girls!

Heather . . .give me some time. A few weeks on my own and I may be desperate (and humbled!) enough to ask you to drive 3 hours with your girls to help me out! : ) This whole twin thing is chipping away at my pride when asking for help faster than anything else I've experienced! : ) Some days are easier than others though.

Jessica said...

Good to hear from you Amber! It was fun to read your updates! I am proud of you too for nursing for a month already! That is wonderful!
The girls are as cute as EVER!!
I TOTALLY offer up anytime to watch Ava for you as well (or bring you some more nystatin cream)! :)
That was so refreshing (for about 10 minutes) for me when I had thrush. I am praying for you as I know just how extremly painful that can be and how discouraging it can make nursing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your update Amber. taking one day at a time is so good. thankful that you've nursed the twins for a month and will be praying you can get relief from the thrush. what a hoot that Ava is willing to 'nurse' her sisters!! =) thanks for giving us specifics to pray as you take steps toward independence. remembering you with prayer, teresa c.

Jill Tucci said...

Amber - the girls are so beautiful and have changed so much already! Take one day, one moment at a time, I can't imagine what your days are like, but as time goes on, things will get "normal." Please let me know if there is anything I can do - I would love to make you a meal, please let me know. We would be happy to entertain Ava one day too - I am sure Deluca would LOVE another little one close to his size to play with!

Anonymous said...


Love to get your updates and new photos of the girls - they are so precious! Hang in there - it will go by so quickly and you'll wonder where the sleepless nights went! We think of you all often and hope to bring you goodies and visit soon - we are finally over the month of colds/cough. Much love! Stacy

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Oh Amber - it's good to hear the update. The girls are absolutely beautiful!

I love you!