Tuesday, March 10, 2009

our latest . . .

Thought I at least owed everyone a little update . . .

The girls and I are all hanging in there (daddy too!).

Last night was probably our shortest night since coming home.

When we went in for the check up yesterday, while Olivia had gained an ounce (up to 5 lb 4 oz) since leaving the hospital, Kate had lost five ounces (down to 5 lb 1 oz). That wasn't exciting news to hear and a little perplexing since I"ve been nursing both the same. To top it off, both had higher levels of bilirubin that we needed to bring down. Kate had been pretty lethargic up to then which probably contributed to her weight loss (probably due to the juandice) since I would really have to work to get her nursing at times.

As a result, I got to have a nice nursing marathon the past 24 hours.

Yes, I said a nursing marathon.

The good news is that the Doctor was more than comfortable with me picking up nursing again yesterday afternoon and, for the most part, both girls have done great picking back up where we left off. So that's a praise!

Thankfully, both girls had good levels today when they were rechecked. So while I"m slightly exhausted and sleep deprived, the results help make it worth it.

The doctor is having me supplement Kate with some extra calories, but thus far, I've been able to pump a little extra too, so that even her supplement can be breast milk. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if she had to go to formula as her growth and health is by far my greatest priority. But it does feel good to know that, so far, I can give that to her. I do think she's been a little lazier with nursing but alot of that could still be due to jaundice and weight loss as much as anything.

I also had my appt today as well (have I mentioned I'm a little tired?!).

Staples came out (joy).

Dr. Nord and I were able to talk a little bit more about the chest discomfort I"ve been having.

Right now, his overall opinion is that this is just my body adjusting back from the pregnancy and birth. (Are you sure?!?! ; ) )

All the tests, including bloodwork, at the ER cleared all the major concerns. His thoughts were that with the huge task my heart has had with carrying the twins and everything else with pregnancy and birth, it's just protesting a little bit. For example, with a twin pregnancy, your volume of blood increases 100%.

At this point, he thinks we just need to give my body a little more time and see if it doesn't continue to get better. Last night was slightly better than previous nights so hopefully that can continue.

So for now, our biggest task is getting Kate to put weight back on. We go in friday for a weight check.

That's all for now - I'm too tired to load pictures.

So just know they're still cute. : )



Minders said...

Still praying for you all! Thanks for the update, I've been wondering how you were doing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update. Praying you can get some good rest tonight after the last 24 hr nursing marathon (and all the drs appointments). Praying for your girls (and dad too) teresa c.

Busy Mom said...

Glad to hear all is going ok for ya. Been thinking of you and praying for you. Marie

Nog Blog said...

Yeah for the nursing...and since Dr. Nord has said it, I will say that my first thought about the chest discomfort agreed with him...your upper body had a lot of pressure and displacement during your pregnancy, so as it all readjusts and "relaxes" a little, there is some discomfort, especially when you lay down. Now that is totally a guess on my part, so we'll continue to pray that the issue does resolve itself in the next few days.

Amber said...

Thanks Judy - it's always good to hear other's thoughts. It made sense to me too when Dr. Nord explained it that way.

And last night was a little better again - thanks for all your prayers everyone!

Jackie B said...

Out of curiosity, did you happen to get an ECHO done when you went to the ER?

Krista said...

Hey, congrats, Amber! You are already posting more than I did over the first six weeks. So congrats to you. And I know how empowered you feel at being able to supplement with your own milk. Aren't pumps the best? You go girl, you are amazing!

Haley said...

Good job keeping up with nursing. It sounds like you are keeping busy. I'm tired for you. You are doing great!