Friday, March 13, 2009

we're still here . . .: )

Sleep walking at times . . .but we're still here. : )

Ava came back home wednesday so that's made life a little more eventful around here. Overall she's done remarkably well. She still loves her little sisters to pieces . ..the battles come between her and mommy more often as she, justifiably so, struggles with mom's attention elsewhere. I'm working on balancing the guilt (you mommies know what I'm talking about ; ) ) . . .with the need for her to still be responsible for choices while ALSO still being given grace and time for her own transition.

So I have my moments of "HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?!?!?!" . . .while thankfully also having the moments where God lets me see the complete joy/fun of our situation too.

Last night was a "HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS!?!?!??!" Afternoon meltdowns and 3 children up often at night made for some long hours.

This afternoon (with a good nap by BOTH mommy and Ava) helped mend that. : )

Such is how our days often go. Yet God has been faithful.

We had weight checks for both the girls today.

Kate did remarkably well. After dropping down to 5 lb 1 oz, she had bounced back up to 5 lb, 11 oz - just under her birth weight. So that was so exciting to see!

Olivia did ok. She had gained only 2 more ounces, going from 5 lb 4 oz, to 5 lb 6 oz. However, she hasn't been getting any supplementation.

So the new plan is to alternate who is supplemented since Kate did better than she needed to and Olivia just a little less than the doctor wanted to see. We'll see where both girls are at again when we go to their 2 week check up tuesday (WOW - it seems unreal to write 2 weeks!).

And another thanks is that, for the most part, my chest pain has left! Nights are much more restful (well . ..when I am allowed to sleep : ) ) and it's nice not to have that weighing in the back of my mind. So thanks for your prayers with that!

That's all for now - here's a couple more pictures of our girls . . .

Ava helping Daddy feed Kate a bottle (willingness to "help" is never a problem)

Ava and Olivia getting some snuggle time in the swing.


Jessica said...

Oh my, that pic of Ava and Kate (or is it olivia) in the swing is adorable! Isnt it funny how big our "little babies" look once the really little babies come :) I just remember changing Ethans diaper right after having Will and his little butt isnt so little anymore :) So thankful your pain has diminished too!

Minders said...

So thankful everyone is doing better! Love the pictures of Ava with the girls!! Noah was asking who was with "Aba" in the pictures and so we practiced saying "Baby Kate & Baby Olivia". He got Kate pretty easy but we'll need to work on Olivia!! Love you all!

Kathryn said...

So fun, I am glad that you are doing well. I just love the babies and wish I could come by, but Anna has a cold and I do not want to bring any germs into your house. I will be off the last week in March, if I can help, PLEASE let me know. Love ya much!!!

Busy Mom said...

So thankful you are doing better Amber.

Brooke said...

I love the one with Ava!

Anonymous said...

Amber, Thankful that you are feeling better and that the twins are growing. You & Ryan certainly have a wonderful, willing helper in Ava. Delightful pictures. Will keep praying (especially for sleep), Teresa C.

Anonymous said...

Amber.. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully. Your girls are beautiful! Praying for sleep for you. Love, J

Amy Cherise said...

i know god will take care of each of you! take a hour at a time!! i love you. xox

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Amber it's so good to hear the update! I'm praying for you right now!! I love you lots! Glad things are going better - at least during the time you posted! :)