Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's in Michigan

Here's some photos from our time in Michigan . . . .

My daughter, the bum. No idea where she gets it from.

Ava spent half her time in Michigan making laps around my parent's house with one of the double strollers they had bought. There were even times she was pushing two of them.
Opening up her stocking bag

Mom and Dad

Ava and Brynne playing with the dolls - can you tell twins are on the way in our family?
Both Addy and Brynne got twin baby dolls (even ones that talk to eachother) and twin strollers. Ava claimed them as hers while we were there. : )

More dolls

Helping Grandma Eloise open her present

Playing school downstairs with Brynne

Visiting Papa Willard

Singing for Papa Willard

Even though the snow was about gone, the kids all managed to get some sledding time in (my parents have the best backyard for it!) So Ava gave sledding another try.
Brrrr . .. it's cold Mom!

Ava and Daddy

Ready to go!

Sledding with her cousins

Ava went down about 5 times. She liked it alot the first time and wanted to go again. Each time was a little less exciting and after the 5th time . . .she got off the sled and starting heading up the big hill to the house by herself. It was pretty cold out. Mommy didn't blame her.

Getting pulled around by Daddy

Driving the city version of a John Deere.

That's all for now!


tamika paige said...

love the pictures!!! looks like great times indeed!!!

Amy Cherise said...

I love the pix! xox