Tuesday, January 27, 2009

32 weeks!

It seems unreal but today I find myself at 32 weeks. My doctor's big goal for me this pregnancy has been to for sure hit 34 weeks, but 32 weeks is a huge milestone in terms of the babies' health/condition should they need to make a sudden appearance.

I've been thankful for how well, in the whole scheme of things, this pregnancy has gone. My blood pressure remains incredibly normal for me - I tend to have a low blood pressure anyways and it's remained that way thus far; which the nurses commented today can be rare with one baby, much less than with two.

My doctor also commented today how pleased he is with how I've been doing (other than the typical aches/complaints to be expected) . which I replied is largely do to an incredibly amazing husband! Ryan does deserve so much of the credit with how much he has enabled me to rest/take it easy as I need to.

There are days I feel like I'm swollen - but in all actuality know that's just the reality of putting on the neccesary weight for a twin pregnancy . . .on a 5'3 frame. Other than the occasional day of too much time on my feet, I've largely avoided that as well thus far. I thought I was going to be brave and post a picture . . .but chickened out. : ) We'll see some other day.

Both girls were doing great today - squirmy as usual! Even more exciting? They continue to measure well and are growing at a healthy rate. As Dr. Nord told me their estimated sizes it was crazy to think how close they are to weights that we could bring them straight home from the hospital without an extended stay. Lots to be thankful for!


Baby A measured 4 lb 2 oz (2 days before 32 weeks)
Baby B measured 4 lb 7 oz (32 weeks, 3 days)

Currently, Baby A is head down, while Baby B is head up. I've been getting LOTS of question about what type of a delivery I'll have and when . . .and the grand answer is: I DON"T KNOW! : ) There are so many factors outside of my control that I"m really going to just have to go into the next few weeks trusting Dr. Nord and, ultimately, the One in charge.

This is what I do know:

Dr. Nord won't have me go past 37 weeks - which is the first week of March. He does want me past 34 weeks which is Feb. 10th. His big weight goal is 2 babies at 6 pounds. He is willing to let me attempt a vaginal birth as long as one baby is in position and my cervix is opening well with labor.

The big wild card? Baby number 2. So his current position is: if my cervix opens wells, baby number 1 can definately be delivered vaginally. Baby number 2 is up in the air and dependent on several factors: my cervix, baby's heart rate/health, my own health, baby's position after the first baby is born (they often can turn again or change position - for better or worse) . . .

I guess my biggest prayer right now is just that I can continue to surrender to whatever comes. Truthfully, as people ask, it's easy to get anxious about how little of a real answer I have since I don't know the when's and where's myself- there are just so many wildcards. Whether I find myself with an emergency c-section, a smooth vaginal delivery of 2 babies, or one of each . . .I can't control the outcome and God will provide regardless. It's not up to me. So my prayer has been in finding the promise of being out of control . . .and having God in control.

I'm taking one day at a time - I have fairly good days (like today) and then will encounter days where I can do very little on my feet. Yet Ava continues to keep me hopping while still being a good sport on the days Mommy needs to take it easier.

On a more sober note . . .

I'm sad to report the fish #4 has decided to leave us as well. I'm starting to think that we're not cut out for this. : )

Ryan decided to change their water last night (he thought it looked too dirty) and our guess is that we didn't put the correct number of drops in the water to create an optimal ph.

After considering our name options (chocolate and chip were suggested to us well), we had decided to go with Rice and Krispie (It seemed to fit the current theme we had going).

So only Krispie remains. Hopefully his name isn't a statement of foreboding!

And while we're on updates . .. : )

Ava has been doing great in her big girl bed. Other than that awful first night, she has done fabulous adjusting. The only rough part has been that she is waking up about an hour and a half earlier than she was when she was in her crib (without compensating in a longer nap). We have room darkening shades ordered to see if that will make a difference. But if that's my only complaint, I know I have very little to complain about.

She continues to amaze me with her ingenuity these days. She loves playing with her baby dolls and cleaning is a late obsession. If I give her wash rags, she'll merrily "scrub" our kitchen floor for 20 minutes straight.

Mommy decided to take advantage of her busyness scrubbing yesterday and was getting some things done in the other room (I know, never a good set up). All of a sudden I heard some splashes and quickly walked around the side of the kitchen.

I found my daughter, dipping her washrags in the toilet before she would then wipe them on our floor. Ava promptly looked up at me, smiled, and told me, "Clean." The idea was right. The source of mopping water? - not so exciting!

Later that afternoon she had taken an awful nap and Mommy was not ready to be off her feet.
So I was taking it easy and letting Ava kind of entertain herself (warning: lazy mom consequence to follow).

Ava had headed upstairs but I didn't think too much of it since she often likes to head into her room, grab a different toy and come back down. Then I heard a splash that was followed by the sound of toilet seat being banged down.

As I headed into her upstairs bathroom, I see my daughter with a soaked shirt front, water on the floor and a big smile on her face. She proudly held her soaked baby doll up to me and told me, "Bath . . .brrr . . .up!"


She had given her baby a bath. The baby was now cold. We needed to wrap her up in a towel and dry her off.

It was too cute to get mad. She was so proud of herself. We got a blanket out and proceeded to dry the baby off to make her warm.

She has since been given strict instructions that the toilets are not to play in. Although today I did have to fend off her desire to have her baby go "potty."

Oh the adventures sure to still come!


Busy Mom said...

Keeping you in our prayers. God knows just how those "wild" cards will play out. Ava sounds like one busy girl. I will say I'm lucky in the fact that none of my kids ever really messed with the toilet water. Her actions remind me though of Michaela when she was that age always wanting to clean and taking care of all her babies. I will say I'm grateful she has not given up on the liking to cleaning. She GREAT! Last night she was working on several rooms and told the boys to stay out...she was cleaning. Now if it could only just stay like that! Best of "rest"! Those days are numbered--praying you can make it for at least two more weeks.

Jen said...

Amber, so glad everything is looking good! Have you checked out for tips on exercises to turn a breech baby (or posterior baby)? It's certainly worth a shot!

Minders said...

I can't believe you are so far along! You really look great Amber! So thankful the babies are doing good and growing nicely!

Ava is such a fun girl! She just cracks me up!

megs @ whadusay said...

Praying for you. And LOVE the Ava stories! :)

Amber said...

thanks for the prayers girls - I'm convinced that's the other half of my story so far (and the Bigger half!!).

Jen - I did check out the website. I didn't see any information, though, regarding twins, and since they usually want the second baby out within in a fairly short time frame, am wondering how successful/applicable their suggestions would be if second baby wasn't turning. Thanks for the referrel though - it was interesting to read!

Marla said...

We will definately be keeping you in our prayers! It's been good to talk to you the last couple Sundays at church. I ALWAYS enjoy it!

Kirsten said...

You go baby baker!!!! You have been doing so good! You do really look good too, I think you have only gained a belly. I was looking at you in Church and my exact thought was that your face and arms looks so skinny! We will be praying!

Krista said...

Way to go, Amber, for making it this far! You will do great down the home stretch here. Someone told me the other day that if you can get on all fours the baby is naturally inclined to turn into the right position. Don't know if they would let you try it once you're all hooked up though.

You are so right to just let God be in control. Let go of the anxiety, because any sense that we are in control is false anyway, right? I didn't make a plan with Lulu, and felt everything turned out just right because we weren't trying to force a birth plan on the situation.

I will tell you I have found that 90% of any experience is my attitude, and that is something I can control! I'll be thinking about you and praying for a great delivery experience.

Krista said...

PS I kept fish for awhile... never change all the water at once! Just replace half, the fish will experience less shock. And they don't care if the water looks dirty.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please do post a picture of yourself. Ava is quite the girl. Love all your posts!

Marla and Rob said...

I think that she and Kyle may be kindred spirits with the whole toilet thing. He can never resist a little swim if we leave the bathroom door open!! Praying that things continue to go well and for a safe and healthy delivery for you and the girls.