Saturday, July 7, 2012

San Diego!

The first week of June, Ryan and I headed out to San Diego for Ryan's yearly conference he's gone to the past few years.  It's been such a neat time away for us and we were so excited to enjoy San Diego together.  Since this will (pretty likely) be Ryan's last conference, we soaked up the last time to enjoy the trip and stayed a few extra days to let him relax some too.  As always, it turned into one of my favorite times of year to just slow down and be with my favorite guy. . . this year was even more so having moved 10 days earlier!!

Our first night there, we headed to a Padres game.  It was pretty chilly out but hey, you can't turn down a free hat and free ballpark hot dog!

Eating out at our favorite restaurant of the week - best Salmon I think I've ever had!

On sunday, we took the ferry over to Coronado Island.  Loved this view of the San Diego from the water.  We spent the day riding bikes around the island and just enjoying an afternoon with nothing to do!

A view of the US Midway from the water

Outside Hotel Del Coronado

Guess who took this picture?! : )  I'm sure he was admiring the minivan.

Riding the ferry home.

Later that week we took a tour of the US Midway. It was pretty amazing and even more amazing to consider all the men and women who served aboard it . . .and to think of all the men and women still serving on our waters today. Seeing the way they live and the huge operation a carrier is, all to protect our freedoms, was pretty humbling.

A view up top

Where all the big battle decisions were made

Looks pretty good in there, doesn't he!

A view from the deck

Right . . .

The chapel - right before we got here I was looking at some near by state rooms of what I thought were officers.  I exclaimed, "Look honey - they all have bibles in their rooms!"  I continued to think that was pretty impressive until Ryan casually pointed out there was the chaplains' state rooms. : )  Still . . .

For my girls : )

Top Gun anyone?

Another night out in the Gaslamp District.  SUCH GOOD FOOD.

We had stayed at the Marriott during Ryan's conference and then when it was over, moved to the Hilton (can we say Hilton points anyone - love it!).  We had some great views of both the water . . . 

 And the gaslamp district.  Let's just say all the walking proved nice for all the fun food. : )

Heading down to the pool for a lazy afternoon

It was so fun to have a few days of beautiful weather after a pretty chilly beginning and even nicer that it worked out for when Ryan could enjoy it too!

Our last night out we tried the famous "Pinkberry" frozen yogurt.  Truthfully? I thought it was over rated . . .although all the unique and healthy topping choices were fun to try and have.  I think I'll still take Haagen Dazs Rum Raisin any day. : )

And then it was back to the rat race . . . : )

So thankful for the times away this conference has been these past few years!