Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Reunion

At the end of june, we headed up to Morris for a family reunion for Ryan's Grandma.  It was fun to get to see the place she grew up in and the girls were really great sports for the quick trip, long ride and all going on.  And it was great being with some family we don't see very often.  I didn't take many pictures but did grab a few.

On the day of the reunion, Ryan's Grandma had family pictures taken for those of us that were there.  The girls were up at 7 and Ava was REALLY excited to begin as we quickly tried to grab a snapshot before we started. : )

Grandma Great and Papa Mel with the great grandchildren.  I thought this was pretty impressive for 4 littles!  Thankful for them in our girls' lives.

My 3 monkeys

Ryan has a cousin who had been a part of the USA's womens' hockey team for the past FOUR Olympics and is hopeful to make a 5th.  I think she scored a hat trick in the last olympics - impressive, huh?!  She had her medals there for us to see and was really great talking about it.  We're hoping we can cheer her on this time around as it'll be fun to "know" someone.

Olivia our little cheerleader.  Everyone else may breathe a sigh of relief that it's the only cheerleading picture I have. : )

That same night, despite an extremely long day, Kate was wide awake with no interest in bed.  Kate and daddy and their late night party.

The time the picture was taken. : )

And with that we headed home!


mom Bahr said...

Thanks for sharing - the 4 navy dresses are adorable!! For getting the girls up at 7am, that is an amazing photo!

T and M said...

hey amber!
I found your blog through Amy's & just wanted to let you know that i enjoyed meeting you at Family Camp. If you are ever in the area visiting your sis & need a place to stay let us know-we would love to keep you & your fam ( : Mandy