Friday, July 20, 2012

family camp

Ryan and I took Ava to her first family camp (mine too!) last weekend.  This is my one and only picture there until the end.  It pretty much sums up why Ava loved her weekend . . .Addy and Brynne.

Kate and Olivia got spend the weekend back home with gpa and grandma.  I don't think they thought they missed out. : )     It was fun to "restart" a family memory that Ryan grew up and we're excited for the blessing we think it will be over the years.

Even more fun?  when it was all over, Ava headed into Aunt Alisa's van to spend a week by herself with just Addy and Brynne up at Grandma's for vacation bible school.  She's been SO excited for this and felt super grown up.  Ryan and I hardly recognized  our van on the way home kidless until we picked up the twins.

And Kate & Olivia?  We got to spend the week being kind of lazy, doing some fun stuff 
(like chucky cheese) and finding out what it's like to have two kids (since we skipped that step). : )

And they may have enjoyed setting up camp in their big sister's room.

Thanks Grandma's and Grandpa's!