Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Baseball

One of the blessings of our church is that we have lots of young families with lots of little kiddos.  We get together during the summer with our own baseball "league" and the daddy's coach.  There's enough to split into 4 age groups and our girls LOVED getting to participate for the first time this year.

Every night one of the dad's starts off with a devotion

And then it's time to get started  . . ..Ryan helped coach the girls' age group this year

Running the bases to warm up

When you're 3 you stop and take breaks alot. : ) 

This is what you call an "Alaysia" break. : )

Practicing their catching

Notice a "theme" with 3 yr old's . . .. paying attention here

And not so much here : )

Ava's turn to bat.  She LOVED her tuesday night's each week

Olivia on first base

Kate's turn

The little guys team
We already can't wait for next year!


J Gutwein said...

A little jealous ;)!

Amber said...

Jenny .. .you guys are always welcome!!! : ) Although I hear you're going to be a little closer!

I saw your little sisters at family camp . . .made me feel old (both married now : ) ) but made it seem like forever since I've seen you or Andria!! Hopefully we'll cross paths sometime soon.

L, Ann and boys said...

I hope so too =) We may show up at family camp next year I hope. we've always had a little one to complicate going.


Amber said...


I'd be SO happy if you came next year! There actually aren't a ton in our age group (due to little kiddos). We left the twins home with Ryan's parents which made for a more relaxing weekend. We're still debating about taking them next year (Even though they could come age wise). It would be so fun to see you! Although there's always a chance we'll be traveling so I couldn't be too sad if we missed it due to that!

So know I'll be bugging you come next year . . . : )