Saturday, September 11, 2010

3 yrs old

Disclaimer: yes I'm aware that Aug. 9 was over a month ago. But I have to catch up life in order. : ) Our days lately have been a little crazy and stressful and the blog was the thing that went. Hopefully I'll update a little more often as I can for those of you who are still out there!

Ava's actual birthday was a relaxing day at home - my favorite kind!
Presents waiting for our 3 yr old. At her check up her growth and health were great: in the 75% for height and weight.
We bought Ava Veggie Tale's latest DVD: Sweetpea Beauty. I'm a huge fan of it for anyone with little girls. The message is pretty neat and Ava loves it so much we ended up buying the CD for listening in the van.

New markers and crayons (actually for Kate and Oliva to stay out of her hair : ) ) for my budding artist. We have a little girl who LOVES to color. A couple months ago she even made the big move of coloring inside the lines. Only a mom would get excited to see it but it's so fun to watch her growing up in all the little ways along with the big.

Kate and Olivia watching the party

Opening the birthday card she helped pick out. : )

For a little extra birthday fun, Ava invited Annika and Alexa over for some swimming and cake.
It was crazy to watch all these fun girls and to think that 3 years ago we were just two mommies pregnant with 2 little girls. 5 girls and counting later . . . : )
(no, that's not an announcement)
Miss Kate

Miss Olivia

My little mother in action

Cake time!

Enjoying their own treat

Don't they look like two old friends catching up over lunch?! : )

After a fun day, winding "down" with Daddy.

How to even begin to describe the 3 years+ with our Ava Cherise?
You're one of a kind Ava. You have a heart that's geared to love others. A baby can't be held enough, no snuggle is too long and you are so quick to tell us how much you love us. The other day you were at an appt with me and as you leaned in close to watch what was going on, you quietly whispered, "I love you so much mommy." I'm going to miss those days when you get big.
Your natural inclination to mother makes me melt, laugh and frustrated all within the same day! You love to help others and love to be in charge - a natural first born! It's so fun to see your excitement for preschool and it's been fun to see you settle into the process of learning and getting excited about your accomplishments. It makes me even more excited to see you keep growing, learning and blossom. We love you!


Minders said...

Looks like all the birthday celebrations were so much fun!

The girls' swim suits are SO cute! You picked all my favs from Gap this year. :) Little bit jealous - maybe in another year I can buy some cute suits too!