Wednesday, September 15, 2010

waiting for daddy

My girls LOVE to wait for daddy at the end of a day. We file outside, play on the steps and a party ensues when Ryan pulls in the drive. Some day for memory's sake, I need to capture it on film.

But the other day I had a moment of panic that these days won't last. So I ran inside quick to try and snap a picture of Daddy's three girls waiting for him to come home.
Ava, Kate and Olivia say "cheese"
Mom, my girls have their eyes closed in as many pictures as you. : )
I tried again.

and again.

It's all about the memory - right?!

how I love these girls.


emilykate said...

That's really sweet. :)

Minders said...

Love it!

mom Bahr said...

I am amazed I have gone this long without checking up your family know that we were suppose to 'disconnect'and relax in Colorado! Can't believe how fast those girls are growing up! Somehow when you are 1 & 3, you are still cute even when your eyes are closed for the picture.....I am not sure what you call it when you are 'over 50'!!!
Hope to see you all next week for applesauce day! :) love & hugs, mom