Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First day of sunday school

Last sunday began a long week of "first's." All our girls started their first day of sunday school. Well, Ava started sunday school. Kate and Olivia got to have their first day in the toddler nursery. Mommy breathed a small (Big) sigh of relief that a very hard stretch of church days has eased a little bit. And Daddy? Daddy was just happy because . . .well, all 4 ladies in his house were happy. : ) Although I guess technically it was Daddy's first day back teaching sunday school again too. Missed that photo . . .

We never seem to get picture of the girls in their church clothes. We even missed an Easter dress photo shoot this year (as I hear gasps from all mothers of little girls). But trying to get all of us out the door just doesn't always leave time for that. So I put my expectations of posed photo shoots aside and we tried to quickly capture our girls.

Ava all excited for sunday school

Olivia knew she should be excited about something. Kate was thinking, "it's too early for this."

Kate's still thinking it's too early for this. : )