Wednesday, September 2, 2009

so life with twins?

Eversince I was pregnant with the twins, and even more so since they came along, I have known SO many others who are expecting twins or personally know of people expecting twins.

I've considered writing a couple blog posts on "if I was having twins again . . ." and share some things I'd do/wouldn't do again, items I've found extremely helpful/useless or just over all nonsense about life with twins.

After all, having 6 month old twins does make me an expert - right?! ; )


Far from it.

I learn from lots of failure and succeed with lots of help.

And if you want expertise from those who are much further ahead of me, I can send you to some FABULOUS people whose lives are inspiration to me in my current stage of twinhood!

So the point to this post (there is one, I promise)?

Are there any questions you have or things you've wondered but never dared ask?

I'd love to know!


Jamie Bahr said...

If you were a friend of someone expecting twins or of someone who just had twins, what would you do for them?

Luke & Andria said...

best piece of baby gear you own?

Q and H said...

What is the best part about having twins and the hardest?

Melodee said...

Now that you've had your first set - would you want another set? The rate of having another set of twins if the first set was fraternal (ie. not identical) is four times greater than the average woman!

Melodee :)

P.S. Yes for me - my boys are fraternal and I want my next set to be girls!

Marla Beyer said...

Wow! I'll be anxiously awaiting this post! What gear can't you do without? How much/what kind/how long did you have or need extra help? What's the best use of my time to prepare in four months? How immobile did you get in late pregnancy? breastfeeding/pumping tips? I'm so glad Amy sent me to your blog!